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Dreamland Playground is a professional manufacturer that provide designs, manufactures, and installs indoor playground equipment with turnkey solution service. Our playground equipments are complied with the related safety standards such as ASTM in USA, EN in Europe, CSA in Canada, AS in Australia and NZS in New Zealand in the industry with “Best in Class”.

Dreamland Playground offers commercial indoor playground equipment with your required budget as well as completely custom designs for any kind of indoor play area. At Dreamland Playground, we can bring your imagination or ideas to reality. With a variety of designs to choose from, you will always be able to find the right indoor play equipment that meets your requirements. Contact us today for an official quote.

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If this is your first time deciding to start an indoor playground business, explore with Dreamland Playground. We welcome you to your comprehensive guide for first-time buyers. We provide vital insights—budgets, materials, ROI, supplier partnerships,free design, production, shipping and installation. So you can better plan your budget. Start your indoor playground journey today. Please click the jump button to learn more!

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Hot selling Themed Indoor Playground Equipment
Dreamland Playground offers different indoor playground equipment themes. Whether you're looking to create an exciting new play space or just want to add in your exist facility, our themed indoor playground equipments are sure to please. Our jungle, candy, pirate ship, ocean, space, forest themed playgrounds are perfect for adding excitement and fun to any play area. With a variety of different attractions and activities available, kids will never get bored.
More Themed Equipment
City Town Theme
Jungle Theme
Ocean Theme
Candy Theme
Ninja Theme
Space Theme
Sports Theme
Circus Theme
Pirate ship Theme
Macaron Theme
Mini city Theme
City Town Theme:
Color Palette: Bright and vibrant colors resembling a bustling town
Recommend Equipment: Miniature buildings, Miniature town structures, streets, vehicles

Step into a charming town-themed indoor playground and let your imagination run wild. With vibrant colors and detailed designs, this theme creates a lively and interactive play environment. The town-themed playground features elements like miniature buildings, streets, and vehicles, encouraging role-playing and imaginative play.

Jungle Theme:
Color Palette: Green, yellow, and brown are traditional colors for customized jungle-themed themes.
Recommend Equipment: Treehouses, vine-like climbers, animal-themed play structures, lush green foliage. A variety of creatures, such as tigers, monkeys, and elephants, are included in the jungle design.

Start an exciting journey in a play area with a jungle theme. With lush greenery, animal-inspired play structures, and interactive elements, children can explore the wonders of the jungle. The jungle-themed playground stimulates sensory play and encourages physical activity.

Ocean Theme:
Color Palette: The blue of the ocean and the white of the waves
Recommend Equipment: Wave slides, marine creature designs, Ocean Ball. The ocean theme features a variety of marine creatures, such as jellyfish, sharks, and octopuses.

You will enter an underwater world by enjoying an indoor playground with an ocean theme. This theme brings the beauty of the ocean to life with its blue color palette, wave-like structures, and marine creature designs. Children can become fully immersed in imaginative play while learning about the mysteries of the deep sea.

Candy Theme:
Color Palette: pink, macaron color like a candy store
Recommend Equipment: Candy-shaped play structures, Cute Elements,candy-themed climbing walls

Indulge in a sweet adventure with a candy-themed indoor playground. This whimsical theme delights children with its vibrant colors, candy-shaped play structures, and interactive candy-themed games. The candy-themed playground sparks creativity and promotes active play.

Ninja Theme:
Color Palette: Classic red and black color scheme
Recommend Equipment: climbing walls, obstacle challenges

A ninja tag program inspired by American Ninja Warrior, a challenge for young adults! Train like a ninja in a thrilling ninja-themed indoor playground. This theme incorporates obstacle courses, ninja-inspired play structures, and challenging activities to test agility and strength. The ninja-themed playground promotes physical fitness and fosters a spirit of adventure.

Space Theme:
Space contains colors, such as the black of the universe, the blue of Earth, the orange of Mars, etc.
Recommend Equipment: Rocket-shaped play structures, space-themed interactive games, planetary decorations including universe, planet, earth...

In a play area with a space theme indoors, embark on a cosmic journey. This theme takes children on an adventure through the cosmos, with rocket-shaped play structures, planetary decorations, and interactive space-themed games. The space-themed playground ignites curiosity and imagination.

Sports Theme:
Color Palette: Vibrant and energetic colors representing various sports
Recommend Equipment: Basketball hoops, soccer goals, climbing walls with sports motifs

Channel your inner athlete in a dynamic sports-themed indoor playground. This theme celebrates the spirit of sportsmanship with its sports-inspired play structures, interactive games, and athletic challenges. The sports-themed playground promotes physical activity and encourages teamwork.

Circus Theme:
Color Palette: Bold and vibrant colors. The colors red, yellow, and blue are commonly used.
Recommend Equipment: Carousel, clown-themed play structures, Decoration in the shape of a circus tent.

Step right up to a thrilling circus-themed indoor playground! Kids will be transported to the enchanted realm of circus acts by the brilliant colors and whimsical motifs. With equipment like carousels, clown-themed play structures, and acrobat rings, children can experience the excitement of the big top right indoors.

Pirate Ship Theme:
Color Palette: Nautical blues and browns with accents of weathered wood.
Recommend Equipment: Pirate ship play structures, plank walkways, treasure chest slides.

Ahoy, matey! Set sail for adventure in a pirate ship-themed indoor playground. The play structures in the shape of pirate ships and nautical-themed colors will encourage exploration. Young pirates can walk the plank and slide down treasure chests while embarking on epic quests.

Macaron Theme:
Color Palette: Pastel shades resembling delicious macarons.
Recommend Equipment: Macaron-shaped play structures, pastel-colored ball pits, candy-themed slides.

Indulge your sweet tooth in a delightful macaron-themed indoor playground. Pastel hues and macaron-shaped play structures create a whimsical atmosphere. Kids can jump into pastel ball pits and slide down candy-themed slides while exploring a world of sugary fun.

Mini City Theme:
Color Palette: Miniature cityscape with a variety of vibrant colors.
Recommend Equipment: Miniature buildings, town square play structures, miniature cars.

Welcome to the bustling streets of a mini city-themed indoor playground! The vibrant colors and intricate miniature buildings will spark creativity. Children can explore town square play structures and navigate miniature cars, immersing themselves in a lively urban adventure.

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Dreamland Case Studies For Indoor Playground Equipment
Check out Dreamland Playground lastest case studies we provided all over the world. We have exported more than 40 countries with hundreds of projects and are trusted by over 1000 global clients.
Our Latest Achievement: Mall Play Area in Hungary
Our Latest Achievement: Mall Play Area in Hungary

Discover the wonders of our newest indoor playground project, the Mall Play Area in Hungary, featuring a captivating ocean theme that brings boundless joy to children and families alike. This project inclu...

Dreamland's Space-Themed Playground in Australia
Dreamland's Space-Themed Playground in Australia

We are thrilled to share the successful completion of an exciting indoor playground project in collaboration with our valued client in Australia. This extraordinary playground is an immersive space-themed ...

In Malaysia, Dreamland Playground just finished construction on a new ...

In Canada's capital Ottawa Dreamland Playground once again developed a fruitful international...

Dreamland Playground is a business that meets the demands of all of its customers. We are receptive to all of our customers' ideas ...

We are delighted to present our latest masterpiece - an indoor children's playground designed with a delightful candy-themed twist ...

In the heart of Saudi Arabia, Dreamland Playground has brought to life a colorful fusion of soft play indoor and trampoline wonders ...

This indoor playground was designed and installed for our client from Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia in the United States of America...

This 4 story Jungle theme play gym is for kids of 3-15. The gym includes baby area and children's adventure areas...

Ocean-theme indoor playground in Houston

Dreamland Playground creativity knows no bounds! Our playgrounds are carefully crafted with innovative designs that cater to the imaginations of children and inspire joyful play. Each element is meticulously chosen to create a safe, fun, and visually captivating environment for kids to explore and learn. Experience the magic of our thoughtfully designed playgrounds, where dreams come to life.

project in New Zealand

Our commitment to providing outstanding service sets us unique, and excellence is at the heart of all we stand for. Our dedicated team of experts is always prepared to help you along the route, offering personalized solutions and guaranteeing your complete satisfaction. Discover unparalleled service and experience the joy of partnering with Dreamland Playground for your next play destination.

Dreamland project in Cairo, Egypt jungle soft playground

At Dreamland Playground, we believe in turning visions into reality. We will take the needs and preferences of our customers as our main direction from consultation to after-sales service. Our expert installation team ensures that every playground is set up with precision and care, adhering to the highest safety standards. From the foundation to the last bolt, we handle every detail, allowing you to witness your playground come to life seamlessly. Trust in our reliable and efficient installation process for playgrounds that stand the test of time.

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Safety standards for Indoor Playground Equipment
Dreamland Playground manufactures equipment to meet or exceed all related safety standards, including EN1176, CE, EN71, EU Reach for Europe, ASTM F1918, CPSIA, UL94, NFPA701 for the United States, CSA-Z614 for Canada, AS3533 for Australia, NZS5828 for New Zealand, ISO for worldwide. This safety standard provides a comprehensive set of requirements that address the design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of these types of playgrounds. In order to ensure a safe playing environment for your children and the long-term operation of the park, be sure to only purchase equipment that meets these safety standards.
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ASTM F1918
A Brief Self-Nomination, Why Choose Dreamland Playground?

Dreamland Playground is an indoor playground manufacturer, founded with the goal of changing and improving the playground equipment industry. We takes pride in producing high-quality products and services without jeopardizing its safety and design.

24-Hours After-Sales Services
We are dedicated to creating lasting connections with our clients and ensuring your continued pleasure. With the help of our comprehensive after-sales services, we can handle the technical issues while you concentrate on giving your clients an outstanding experience.
Overseas Installation and Setup Assistance provided by our experienced engineers who are fluent in English.
Self-Installation with detailed videos and drawings guided by our 24-hour after-sales service team.
Maintenance and replacement under warranty with lifetime support.
Safety Inspections and Compliance with ASTM and EN safety standards.
The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing
Commercial indoor soft playground is a fun and exciting place for children to play. Did you know that improper purchase of indoor playground equipment can lead to investment loss or even serious injuries? That's why it's important to be aware of the pitfalls about indoor playground equipment before buying. Here are some of the most common pitfalls for you to understand.

Reputable and reliable supplier to provide you turnkey solution service.

The purchase equipments are complied with all safety regulations.

Take design into consideration with plenty of different types of activies.

What types of materials are used to ensure the long lifetime?

Backup plan for installation. Make sure you hire someone with experience if you're not confident about doing it yourself!

Budget for ongoing maintenance costs. Be sure to choose the play equipment that will last for years to come.

Cleaning and sanitizing tips for your playground area.

All in all, choose the right indoor playground equipment manufacturer is of great importance to help you avoid common pitfalls.
The Basic Knowledge & FAQs About Indoor Playground Equipment
You may want to consider investing in commercial indoor playgrounds when you browse our websites, here we will provide you with the basic knowledge and FAQ about indoor playground equipment. So, if you are considering purchasing indoor playground equipment, be sure to read on!

The indoor playground equipment industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.6% through the next five years, with revenue in the current year expected to be over $1.5 billion in North America alone! So, do you want to start an indoor playground ...


Indoor play areas are becoming an in-demand recreational place for kids where they can play, socialize with other children, and enjoy childhood in a secured and controlled environment. It is a highly profitable business venture when done ...

What are the steps of opening an Indoor Playground?

In summary, do market research find a location get the location floor plan find a reliable indoor playground manufacturer get the perfect custom design sign the contract arrange shipping make installation Insurance and permits advertisement Hire staffs Opening

How much does it cost for an indoor playground equipment?

The price depends on the final designs and sizes. Dreamland Playground can make the custom design according to your budget, size and interested activities. Contact us to get the price range for different sizes of the indoor playground.

Does Dreamland Playground equipment meet ASTM and EN safety regulation codes?

Dreamland Playground have passed ASTM in USA, CSA in Canada, EN in Europe, AS in Australia, NZ in New Zealand…safety regulation codes. If you have certain specific safety standards need to be met, please contact us. We will help you to find.

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