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Dreamland Playground is a professional manufacturer that provide designs, manufactures, and installs indoor playground equipment with turnkey solution service. Our playground equipments are complied with the related safety standards such as ASTM in USA, EN in Europe, CSA in Canada, AS in Australia and NZS in New Zealand in the industry with “Best in Class”.

Dreamland Playground offers commercial indoor playground equipment with your required budget as well as completely custom designs for any kind of indoor play area. At Dreamland Playground, we can bring your imagination or ideas to reality. With a variety of designs to choose from, you will always be able to find the right indoor play equipment that meets your requirements. Contact us today for an official quote.

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Dreamland Case Studies For Indoor Playground Equipment

Check out Dreamland Playground lastest case studies we provided all over the world. We have exported more than 40 countries with hundreds of projects and are trusted by over 1000 global clients.











Hot selling Themed Indoor Playground Equipment

Dreamland Playground offers different indoor playground equipment themes. Whether you're looking to create an exciting new play space or just want to add in your exist facility, our themed indoor playground equipments are sure to please. Our jungle, candy, pirate ship, ocean, space, forest themed playgrounds are perfect for adding excitement and fun to any play area. With a variety of different attractions and activities available, kids will never get bored.

vivid animal 2 level indoor playground DLID007

A variety of animals can be found in the jungle theme, including tigers, monkeys, elephants...

Popular among kids, and it provides a safe environment to explore their creativity.

Dreamland Playground can bring your jungle ideas into reality.

Safety should always come first when manufacturing Dreamland Playground Equipments.

Jungle indoor playground equipment is perfect for toddlers and young children who need a safe place to explore and have fun. The classical colors are green, yellow and brown to custom jungle themed designs. Combined with slides, ball pits, blaster, trampoline, soft toys...the whole design looks colorful. This equipment is brightly colored and engaging, making it a great choice for kids to play.

Plastic multifunction ocean theme customized indoor playground equipment DLID160317

Various marine organism can be found in the ocean theme, including octopus,shark,jellyfish...

Provides a fun atmosphere for all ages and encourages physical activity among kids...

can bring your ocean imagination into reality.

Dreamland Playground Equipments are complied with ASTM and EN safety standards.

Ocean indoor playground equipment is a great way to keep children entertained and active. With its vibrant colors and engaging design, ocean indoor playground equipment is sure to provide hours of fun and stimulation for children of all ages. Slides, swings, and monkey bars are added to make the whole design more vivid. Ocean indoor playground equipment is one option that can provide hours of fun for children of all ages.

Kids Large Theme Indoor Playground for Sale DL011

Different space elements can be selected in the space theme, including universe, planet, earth…

Improves kids physical health, increases creativity, and enhances their social skills.

Dreamland Playground can help you realize your space dream.

Dreamland Playground Equipments are complied with ASTM and EN safety standards.

Space indoor playground equipment is a great way to reduce stress for both children and parents. With various space elements added inside, it can help children develop their physical skills, including balance, coordination, and strength. Space indoor playground is a good choice that can teach problem-solving skills and foster a sense of independence.

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Safety standards for Indoor Playground Equipment

There are no compromises when talking about safety. Safety has always been a top priority for all of us, but especially when it comes to our children. That is why indoor playground equipment is designed with safety in mind and meets the stringent safety standards by certain governing bodies. Dreamland Playground manufactures equipments to meet or exceed all related safety standards, including EN1176, EN71, EU Reach for Europe, ASTM F1918, CPSIA, UL94, NFPA701 for United States, CSA for Canada, AS3533 for Australia, NZS5828 for New Zealand, ISO for worldwide.. In order to ensure a safe playing environment for your children, be sure to only purchase equipment that meets these safety standards. Those safety standard provides a comprehensive set of requirements that address the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of these types of playgrounds.

(1) ASTM F1918 for North America

ASTM F1918 is a safety standard for indoor playground equipment and it has been designed to help protect children from injury. The ASTM F1918 covers the design, construction, testing and performance requirements of play structures intended for use by children inside facilities such as schools, day care centers, churches and commercial establishments.

The ASTM F1918 establishes minimum performance standards for the design and manufacture of indoor playground equipment intended for use by children inside a building or other structure where there are no natural light sources or ventilation systems.

(2) EN 1176 for Europe

EN1176 is a European safety standard for indoor playground equipment that manufacturers must adhere to in order to ensure the safety of the products. This safety standard covers a wide range of Playground Equipment including but not limited to: Trampolines, Climbing walls, Soft play areas and Slides. In order to make sure your children are safe while playing on this equipment, be sure to only purchase items that meet or exceed the EN1176 safety standard.​ The EN1176 standard includes requirements for materials, design, construction, and operation of indoor playground equipment. Meeting EN1176 helps ensure that equipment is safe for children to use.

(3)AS3533 for Australia

The Australian Standard AS 3533 is a safety standard for indoor playground equipment. It includes design and construction requirements, as well as specifications for the materials that can be used in an indoor play space. The AS3533 is enforced by law and must be adhered to when constructing or renovating any type of playground area with equipment designed primarily for use by children up to 12 years old. This includes both public and private facilities, such as schools, churches, daycares, nurseries etc.,

(4)CSA-Z614 National standard of Canada

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) develops and publishes safety standards for playground equipment in order to protect children from potential hazards. These standards are designed to ensure that all manufactured equipment is safe, durable, and meets the needs of children. The CSA has developed a set of guidelines for indoor play areas because these spaces are often small with limited space so the design should be creative but also meet safety requirements.

Estimated Cost Analysis For Indoor Playground Equipment

What are the costs involved for indoor playground equipment? Please note that the final indoor playground price depends on the custom design, the specifications of the materials used, the relevant national laws, and the distance of transportation. Keep in mind that these are just estimates, so your specific project may be different. Let's take a look!

The Product Fee


Size: 23*9*4.5m. Container request 1*40ft HQ.
Inside with soft slide with foam pit cubes, fiber glass slide, plastic tunnel, crawl net, pyramid
obstacles, hanging bags, soft toys...

The sea freight shipping fee


For example, if to long beach seaport in USA, it is about US$1,800 for a 40ft HQ container. If to Hamburg seaport in Germany,it is about US$2,200 for a 40ft HQ container. If to JEBEL ALI in Dubai, it is about US$1,000 for a 40ft HQ container.

other miscellaneous fees


Estimated customs clearance and other miscellaneous fees based on our experience.

The Basic Knowledge About Indoor Playground Equipment

You may want to consider investing in commercial indoor playgrounds when you browse our websites, here we will provide you with the basic knowledge about indoor playground equipment. We will also discuss some of the benefits that come with owning one. So, if you are considering purchasing an indoor playground, be sure to read on!

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Are Indoor Play Areas Profitable?

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How Can Indoor Playground Business Survive During Covid-19?

Maintaining and surviving a business during COVID-19 seems impossible, but through these easy steps, you can grow your indoor playground business even during COVID-19.
Establish healthy relationships with Landlords and Stakeholders ...


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How to Import Indoor Playground Equipment from China

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As the demand for indoor playgrounds increases, what should you know before importing your own?


Why Choose Dreamland Playground for Your Indoor Playground Supplier?

Dreamland Playground was started to improve the quality and well being of play in the industry today. Dreamland Playground specializes in the designing, manufacturing and installing ..


The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing

Commercial indoor soft playground is a fun and exciting place for children to play. Did you know that improper purchase of indoor playground equipment can lead to investment loss or even serious injuries? That's why it's important to be aware of the pitfalls about indoor playground equipment before buying. Here are some of the most common pitfalls for you to understand.
Reputable and reliable supplier to provide you turnkey solution service.
The purchase equipments are complied with all safety regulations.
Take design into consideration with plenty of different types of activies.
What types of materials are used to ensure the long lifetime?
Backup plan for installation. Make sure you hire someone with experience if you're not confident about doing it yourself!
Budget for ongoing maintenance costs. Be sure to choose the play equipment that will last for years to come.
Cleaning and sanitizing tips for your playground area.
All in all, choose the right indoor playground equipment manufacturer is of great importance to help you avoid common pitfalls.

A Brief Self-Nomination, Why Choose Dreamland Playground?

Dreamland Playground is an indoor playground manufacturer, founded with the goal of changing and improving the playground equipment industry. We takes pride in producing high-quality products and services without jeopardizing its safety and design. Our equipment meets or even exceeds American and European standards making it true to our hundreds of projects to over 40 nations all around the globe.
1. Our equipments are certified by ASTM, EN,AS,CSA,NZ…related safety standards.
2. Turnkey solution partner from free design, production, shipping and installation.
3. Over 40 countries clients choose us with hundreds of projects done globally.
4. Use high and reasonable quality to ensure the equipment have longer lifetime use.
5. Provide Installation and maintenance with lifetime Warranty.
Dreamland Playground continues to innovate ways and world-class designs with the fast-paced industry, will continue the culture of providing the highest quality services and equipments drastically refining the playground industry.

The FAQS About Indoor Playground Equipment

Purchasing indoor playground equipment can be a good investment. However, before you make the purchase, it is important to understand some of the most common questions.


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