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Congratulations! You've decided to start an indoor playground business! if this is your first time, you're
probably scratching your head and
wondering where you start. Now You're in the right place! Dreamland Playground will help you get started by
highlighting the essential stages of a successful playground project.
Business Plans for Indoor Playground, Trampoline Park,Ninja Course, Family Entertainment Centers and more!
How to Get Started for a Playground Equipment in Easy Steps ?
Budget and location
Find a professional supplier
Learn about indoor playground equipment
Venue design
Market your indoor park

After you have already shown some interest in the indoor park business and are planning to start an indoor playground business, first consider your budget and the address of your venue

Next, you have to find a suitable and professional supplier, Dreamland can provide you with a one-stop service from consultation to design to installation.

Before designing, it is necessary to know what equipment suits your park's style and budget. Dreamland Playground will provide you with a detailed description.

What style do you want, what color scheme do you prefer, and how to perfectly place the equipment you intend to have in the venue?

Sign a contract with your supplier, finalize the deal, and wait for your indoor equipment to be delivered to you.

Once everything is in place, market your indoor park brand so that more customers get to know about your indoor park on online or offline channels.

Planning Your Budget
In this part, we'll walk you through the multifaceted world of budgeting for your new venture. From equipment costs tailored to various playground sizes to transportation, installation, and venue expenses, right down to operational and labor charges – we've got you covered. Dive in to ensure your playground not only delights children but also stands as a testament to sound financial planning.
Below 100 square meters

US$5,000-US$20,000. Take below space theme playground for example, size: 5*12*6m,price is US$1 7,000

100-500 square meters

US$1 5,000-US$90,000. Below Ninja playground, size is 14*20*6m, price is uS$75,000

Over 500 square meters

Over US$50,000. Below is custom playground. Size: 32*20*6m, soft playground price is US$71,000

For example, to Long Beach seaport in the USA, is about US$1,800 for a 40ft HQ container. If to Hamburg seaport in Germany, it is about US$2,200 for a 40ft HQ container. If to JEBEL ALI in Dubai, it is about US$1,000 for a 40ft HQ container. The real cost will vary based on the container's dimensions and travel distance.

The installation fee is usually divided into 2 kinds:

1. Self-installation We will provide drawings, related pictures, videos, and 24-hour guidance.

2. We send engineers to install The installation fee is $150 a day for one engineer, the site below 100 square meters will usually consume about 10 days, the cost is about $1,500; 100-300 square meters about 20 days, and need 2 engineers, the price is about $3,000-6,000; Over 500 square meters need 2 engineers in about 30 days, the cost is about $9,000-12,000. The specific situation also depends on the design of the venue.

The cost of the venue you need is mainly influenced by several factors:

1. Rental or Purchase Costs

2. Size and Location:

Prices can differ significantly depending on the location and size of the area. Prime locations or city centers usually come at a higher price.

3. Utilities:

This includes electricity, water, heating, and cooling.

4. Insurance:

Property insurance, as well as liability insurance in case of injuries or accidents within the playground.

5. Licenses and Permits:

Expenses related to acquiring the required licenses or permits to run an indoor playground in your area.

1. Maintenance and repair.

Periodic equipment inspection, cleaning and maintenance, and necessary equipment or facility repairs.

2. Marketing and advertising.

Publicity and advertising costs, social media campaigns, promotions, and other marketing expenses

3. Tool and equipment replacement.

Replacement of outdated or damaged rides or introduction of new, more popular rides.

4. Supplies and inventory.

Costs of stocking and supplying items such as cafes, stores, or party supplies.

5. Technology and internet costs.

Costs associated with Wi-Fi, security cameras, POS systems, and other technology.

It's a good idea to set away money for unforeseen costs or emergencies.

Employee salaries, benefits, and training costs. This includes salaries for reception staff, security, cleaning staff, and management.

In addition, providing ongoing training and career development opportunities can attract and retain good employees, but can also increase labor costs.

Price Analysis
Quality difference in indoor playground
Most indoor playground equipment though looks very similar can be of cheap quality among different manufacturers. Dreamland Playground uses the highest standard materials and follows a strict manufacturing process. Dreamland Playground only sells safe, durable, and well-designed indoor playgrounds.
(1) Steel pipes

Not all steel pipes are strong. Dreamland Playground uses thicknesses from 2.0 mm-3.25 mm for the steel pipes. Dreamland Playground can write the specifications in the sales contract and can be verified by our customers when they check our equipment.

Dreamland Playground steel pipes are hot-dip galvanized where the whole pipe is soaked in a bath of molten zinc so the pipes are protected from rusty. In comparison, some companies use cheaper processes such as “electroplated coatings”, Such steel is not real galvanized steel, and those pipes are easily to be rusted.

(2) Connectors

Dreamland Playground makes our own molds for clamps. They are made of galvanized steel with powder coating to prevent rusting. You can test the quality of the clamps with a heavy hammer. You will find the differences between Dreamland Playground and other companies with low-quality clamps.

(3) Platform

Dreamland Playground platforms are made of wood with 20 mm thickness, covered by 5 0mm foam which complies with the GB6675-2003 standard. In comparison, the platforms of some other manufacturers might be only around 30 mm.

Dreamland Playground platforms are completely wrapped in EPE foam and sponge-covered with PVC tarpaulin. So the platforms are soft and safe enough.

(4) Foam noodles

Not all foam noodles are durable and fire-resistant. The foam noodles with high-density EPE material with glossy bright PVC vinyl. The PVC vinyl is UV-resistant even in sunlight to be durable and stronger. Dreamland Playground has foam noodles with fire resistance to match ASTM standards.

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Return On Investment
How to Create a Profitable Indoor Play Area?

How can I make money? is one of the most frequently asked queries by potential indoor playground entrepreneurs. Indeed, we always prioritize making money. What the revenue stream is also a part of this question. How can they compare to others?

Since it depends on your primary company objective, there isn't really a conventional response. If parties are your primary business, for instance, then birthday parties will account for the bulk of your indoor playground firm's earnings. The high-margin and upscale party packages frequently increase sales. For an indoor playground business, you may create a highly lucrative revenue stream using such a business strategy. Only if you invest your time and efforts into making the greatest party packages will you have a long waiting list and booked-out list.

You should limit the "dead time" at your facility if you want to increase the profitability of your indoor playground. Thus, it is detrimental for you to devote the majority of your time to paying your rent, electricity, and insurance. However, there is only one method for you to run your play café or indoor playground. You just need to insist on your approach with a few rules once you've decided on one primary emphasis for your organization. Your company will then prosper throughout. You should aim to create all additional income streams while running your own park, such as running open-play business models, hosting birthday parties, having toy stores, selling food and beverages, offering drop-in care service, combining classes and education, and so on.

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Collaboration process
Better in CAD dwg drawing
Make custom design
Sign a contract
learn more about indoor
playground equipment
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