What is Rope Course

The Ropes Course is an adventure activity consisting of a series of wood, steel cables, and ropes for players aged five and upwards. Participants utilize bridges, zip lines, platforms, ladders, and other elements to navigate their way through the course, testing their balance, coordination, and courage. The indoor rope course brings the traditional rope course suspended from trees, adding more safety to the play and facilitating maintenance.

Dreamland Playground manufactures rope courses that can be customized to suit different themes, levels of difficulty, and target audiences, as well as adapting the obstacle layout to suit the venue.

Types of obstacles
There are hundreds of elements that can be included in a rope course equipment,
some of the more common are platform, bridge, climbing wall, cargo net, etc.
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Safety standards for Rope Course
As a professional supplier of rope course equipment, Dreamland Playground provides equipment that has been certified to ensure its safety. These include ASTM F1918, CPSIA, UL94, CSA-Z614 in Canada, AS3533 in Australia, NZS5828 in New Zealand, NFPA701 in the USA, CPSIA, UL94, CSA-Z614 in Canada, AS3533 in Australia, NZS5828 in New Zealand, NFPA701 in the USA and EN1176, CE, EN71 and EU Reach in Europe. EN1176, CE, EN71, and EU Reach.
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ASTM F1918
Why Choose Dreamland Playground?

Dreamland Playground offers high-quality, cost-effective rope course equipment. Whether it's a specific obstacle, a layout that suits the venue, or a unique style, anything you need in terms of equipment can be realized by talking to us. Build your indoor play space in your own style. We welcome all interested people to cooperate with us. Contact us now!

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The Basic Knowledge & FAQs About
Rope Course
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Can the Rope course's framework be customized?

Of course, it can be customized. It can be extended horizontally in all directions and vertically up to 4 levels. Different shapes can be included, e.g. hexagonal, rectangular, circular, etc.

What is the height of a Rope course?

Low-level ropes courses are usually 1 to 10 feet in height. High ropes courses are set on tall poles, trees, and platforms, usually 15 to 60 feet high.

Are there any differences between a low level ropes course and a high level ropes course?

In addition to the difference in height, the obstacles chosen and the players they are suitable for are also different. Generally, lower-level equipment uses less difficult obstacles, including swing bridges, balance beams, and other obstacles designed for beginners, younger participants, or those who are afraid of heights. Aerial rope courses, on the other hand, typically involve greater tests of strength, endurance, and mental focus to provide more variety, higher throughput, and more team-building opportunities.

How do I stay safe on a rope course?

Climbing rope course is an activity that requires a great deal of attention to safety. In addition to the safety certification of the equipment itself, Dreamland Playground can provide the relevant safety equipment. Helmets and safety ropes that move with the players also provide a safe and secure environment during play.



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