Dreamland's Space-Themed Playground in Australia

Dreamland's Space-Themed Playground in Australia

We are thrilled to share the successful completion of an exciting indoor playground project in collaboration with our valued client in Australia. This extraordinary playground is an immersive space-themed wonderland that promises endless fun and adve...

Dreamland Playground Delivers Fun-Packed trampolining park in Barcelona!

Dreamland Playground Delivers Fun-Packed trampolining park in Barcelona!

We are delighted to announce the successful culmination of our latest trampolining park project, nestled in the vibrant heart of Barcelona, Spain.

The newest soft play indoor in Saudi Arabia

In the heart of Saudi Arabia, Dreamland Playground has brought to life a colorful fusion of soft play indoor and trampoline wonders, an ode to childlike glee and the spirit of adventure. Imbued predominantly with shades of vibrant green and adorned w...

Kuwait Candy-themed Indoor Children's Playground

We are delighted to present our latest masterpiece - an indoor children's playground designed with a delightful candy-themed twist, situated in Kuwait.

Indoor Adventure Park in Abu Dhabi

We are pleased to announce the completion of our latest indoor adventure park project in Abu Dhabi. This innovative park offers a comprehensive blend of fun, including an indoor playground, ninja courses, and trampolines, all designed to provide an u...

The Largest Family Edutainment Theme Park in Malaysia

Dreamland playground recently completed another indoor playground project in Malaysia. The total area of the project was 5000 square meters and the facility was comprised of two floors.

Ninja Course Equipment in the Park of Qatar

The project this time is an all-time favorite ninja warrior course situated in one of the parks in the country of  Qatar.

Big Indoor Playground in Canada

Dreamland Playground has then again created a successful international project in the capital city of Canada, Ottawa. This adventure playground has stretched its presence and is located in multiple areas including the North and South Americas.

Trampoline Park at the City of Gold

Trampoline parks have become a popular pastime, recreational activity, and even a fitness destination with a lot of significant impact on one's body, particularly in the areas of blood regulation, muscular development, and bone formation.

Soft Play Equipment in Egypt

Dreamland Playground is a company that supports the needs of all of its clients, we are open to all of our client’s suggestions, we help them with what they want and also we make suggestions on what is better for the project.

Dreamland Playground set foot in Malaysia

Dreamland Playground, as China’s top playground and softplay equipment factory, reaches its neighboring Asian country Malaysia. Malaysia, most especially its capital city Kuala Lumpur is home to colonial buildings and busy shopping districts.

Dreamland Playground installed Jumpin’ Jacks Zone

Dreamland Playground installed Jumpin’ Jacks Zone

This indoor playground was designed and installed for our client from Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia in the United States of America. The photo below shows the exact design of the whole playground.

Dreamland reached the borders of Colorado

Dreamland reached the borders of Colorado

Another successful installation Dreamland made was with a client from the Colorado United States. It has a gigantic area of 2,500 square meters having a 6x2.4x3.6 meter area for each section.

Australia indoor combined park with soft play and ninja course

This indoor combined park was designed for our Australia client, and he wants to make a park for kids and adults, while for kids mainly. According to his ideas, we make such below design. For the soft

Dubai soft play Gym Park

As for this soft play Gym Park, it’s for our Dubai client. For this park, we put various soft play games inside such as soft play, Gymboree teaching equipment, climbing wall, parallel bar and etc.

Taiwan ninja warrior indoor playground

This indoor combined park was designed for our Taiwan client, and we have cooperated for many times. He is also our first client who wanted to make a ninja warrior indoor playground, the first one installation was finished in 2017.

UK Commercial indoor jump trampoline parks

As for this Trampoline Park, it located at Birmingham. We put many trampolines games such as free jump(main court), foam pit, climbing wall, Olympic jump and jump wall, slam dunk and etc.

USA kangaroo theme nature indoor playground

This indoor playground is nature theme. The color is bright; the degree of difficulty is appropriate, suitable for children from 3 to 15 years old. Not only can help children stimulate the sensitivity

Switzerland jungle theme indoor playground equipment

This 4 story Jungle theme play gym is for kids of 3-15. The gym includes baby area and children's adventure areas. Gives priority to green is good for the child's vision. Characteristics of volcanic

Romania jungle indoor kids playground

This is an amusement indoor playground. It combined with a variety of amusement equipment accessories. Through the game of Spiral tube slide, children can not only have a physical exercise, but also i

Poland indoor soft playground with Trampoline Park

This indoor amusement park is for our Poland dealer, combined indoor playground with Trampoline Park together. We put various slides in this park such as triple-lane slide, tube slide with ball pit an

Netherlands Trampoline Park

The customer found us in Made in China. He said his friends was opened a trampoline park in PSV Eindhov,the business is good, and he wants to open a trampoline park in other place, for this customer,

Largest indoor trampoline in Malaysia

This Project indoor trampoline is the second trampoline project for my Malaysia customer, we did the business before, and he opened the first trampoline park in Kuala Lumpur. For increasing the playab

Large trampoline with kids playground in Canada

The customer found us in Alibaba, and he gives to us a “BIG place”, our designer think, if the whole space all to design the trampoline, it will be so monotony, so our designer think we are profession


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