Indoor Forest Playhouse with Slide DLA0003

This Forest Playhouse with Slide whisks young adventurers away to a serene natural setting, all within the safety and comfort of an indoor environment. The bi-level design multiplies the fun, offering kids a plethora of ways to jump, climb, and explore. Ascend the colorful rainbow ladder and whisk down the slide straight into a vibrant ocean ball pit. For those seeking a challenge, navigate through various soft obstacles or tackle the climbing wall, leading to a triumphant peak. Revel in the moments of victory and nature-inspired play with our Forest Playhouse.

Size: 72 sqm

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Indoor Forest Playhouse with Slide DLA0003
Indoor Forest Playhouse with Slide DLA0003
Indoor Forest Playhouse with Slide DLA0003
Indoor Forest Playhouse with Slide DLA0003
Indoor Forest Playhouse with Slide DLA0003


Model No



Dreamland Playground


3-10 years old


Jungle Theme

Detailed Size


Ceiling Height

Minimum 3.2m


2 Levels


Indoor Forest playhouse with slide


Cable tunnel, 3-line slide, sea ball pool, rainbow ladder, step-by-step, castle window panel, climbing wall, Double rocking horse, and other soft obstacles.

Terms of Payment

T/T, L/C, Western Union


$ 11,000


About 40 people play at the same time


Shopping Malls, Educational Institutions, Hotels and Resorts, Recreational Centers, Children's Museums etc.

Our Forest Playhouse design emerged from the vibrant preferences of our Indian client. He expressed a desire for rich, lively colors that would kindle the insatiable curiosity of young explorers. Taking inspiration from this, our designers proposed the captivating jungle theme.

After aligning closely with the client's specific requirements, the floor of the indoor playground was artistically transformed to depict a lush jungle interspersed with babbling brooks. Moreover, the framework of the play equipment was adorned with lifelike decals of wild animals and jungle motifs, transporting children straight into the heart of a wilderness adventure. The final design not only fulfilled the client's aesthetic aspirations but also promised an immersive play experience for every curious young visitor.

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