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Dreamland Playground is a well-known manufacturer of indoor playsets. We handle everything from design, manufacturing, to installation both domestically and internationally. On top of it, Dreamland Playground is fully-equipped with turnkey solution services beneficial for all clients' concerns. We offer a portfolio of designs where you have a variety of options to select from. Dreamland Playground also offers customization projects for your specific region, budget, and ideas to fully match your expectations. We make certain that our clients' visions are realized.

Our primary goal is safety; it is the core value we live by and the secret sauce to our success. Our indoor playsets met or exceeded all US and European safety regulations, including TUV, GS-EN1176, CE for Europe and ASTM, CPSIA, UL94, NFPA701 for North America. Dreamland Playground can help you find commercial indoor playsets that fit your budget. Our sales team is always available to talk about your budget and give you the most competitive price. For a formal quote, please contact us now.

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Dreamland Indoor Playsets Case Studies

Check out the most recent Dreamland Indoor Playsets case studies from across the world. We have hundreds of projects in over 40 countries and are trusted by over 1000 broad range of clients. To learn more, hover your mouse to your desired read.











Dreamland Themed Indoor Playsets Equipment

Dreamland Playground, as a well-known manufacturer of indoor playsets, is well aware of the diverse demands and desires of our devoted customers. Our team works together to create various themes and designs for our indoor playsets to deliver the finest service possible to all of our loyal clients and consumers. Apart from customization where the client has a specific design in mind, these are some of the themes we provide. There are more options available in each of these designs. Feel free to click and look around.

Newest Candy theme indoor playsets DL019

This indoor playsets theme is perfect for children who enjoy bright colors. This theme's primary color is pink, which gives it a pleasant and sweet appearance. Chocolates, lollipops, biscuits, and candies are added to the packaging to make it more fascinating. 

Included in this indoor playsets theme are slide, ball pit, trampoline, ball blasters, and other soft obstacles. 

The highest quality materials are utilized meeting and even exceeding all safety standards.

Colorful Classic Type Circus-themed indoor playsets DL0710

essentially, the circus is for children. Clowns, games and everything else inside it is appealing to children. It was created as a model for these indoor playsets by Dreamland indoor playsets manufacturer. This circus-themed design is incredibly vibrant. Yellow, red, blue, and white are some of the main colors of this theme.

The components of these indoor playsets are slide, ball pit, ball blaster, chain bridge, and other soft obstacles.

Fantastic Commercial Children Indoor Playsets DLQL041

for the love of all things green. The most popular design is our indoor playsets with a jungle theme. Classic hues such as green, which represents all plants, grasses, and trees, and brown, which represents all twigs and woodlands. This indoor playsets theme is ideal for children who want to feel like they're in the middle of the woods.

For this indoor playsets theme, the components are four lane slides, tube slides, foam pit, climbing wall, spider tower, and other soft obstacles.

This theme is fully customizable following a strict manufacturing standard with the highest quality materials.

Plastic Multifunctional Ocean themed Customize Indoor Playsets equipment DLID160317

embracing the blues. These indoor playsets are inspired by the ocean because Dreamland Indoor Playsets manufacturer knows that the ocean and seas are truly a happy place for kids. An added creative visualization of sea creatures is also featured such as fishes, shells, and other marine diversities. Blue is the principal color of this indoor playset design with yellow, white, and orange as the secondary hue. 

For these indoor playsets theme, slide, ball pit, chain bridge, ball blasters, and other soft obstacles are its components.

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Dreamland Indoor Playsets Manufacturer is Compliant with Adequate Safety Standards

Dreamland Playground, a leading maker of indoor playsets, prioritizes safety. It is a core value of our organization to which we consistently adhere in every indoor playset project and installation we undertake. It's a well-kept secret that our organization is proud of.

Our children are a vital component of society; they are adored and well-protected thus they are entitled to the utmost safety in all of their recreational activities. That is the value that Dreamland instills for all our indoor playsets, and it will be upheld year after year.

Dreamland Playground invests in and produces the highest quality items for all of our indoor playsets equipment, adhering to European and American safety standards. TUV, GS-EN1176, CE for Europe, and ASTM, CPSIA, UL94, NFPA701 for North America are among the standards Dreamland Playground meets and exceeds.

(1) North American Standard ASTM F1918

ASTM F1918 is a safety standard for indoor playsets that was developed to help safeguard children from harm. The ASTM F1918 standard governs the design, construction, testing, and performance of a play structures intended for use by children in indoor settings such as schools, daycare centers, churches, and commercial institutions.

The ASTM F1918 standard provides minimum performance specifications for the design and manufacture of indoor playsets equipment intended for use by children within a building or other structure where natural light sources or ventilation systems are not available.

(2) EN 1176 European standard

EN1176 is a European safety standard for indoor playsets that manufacturers must follow to ensure that their products are safe. This safety standard applies to a wide range of playsets equipment, including trampolines, climbing walls, soft play areas, and slides, among others. To ensure your children's safety while playing on this equipment, only buy goods that meet or exceed the EN1176 safety standard, which covers the materials, design, construction, and operation of indoor playsets. Meeting EN1176 helps to guarantee that children's equipment is safe to use.

(3) Australia's AS3533

The AS 3533 Australian Standard is a safety standard for indoor playsets. It specifies the materials that can be used in an indoor play environment, as well as design and construction criteria. The AS3533 is a legal requirement that must be followed when building or upgrading any playground area with equipment designed primarily for children aged 6 to 12. Schools, churches, daycares, nurseries, and other public and private entities are included.

(4) Canada's CSA-Z614

To safeguard children from potential hazards, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) develops and publishes playground safety standards. These guidelines are intended to ensure that all manufactured equipment is both safe and durable, as well as meeting the needs of children. Because these facilities are generally small and have limited space, the CSA has produced a set of rules for indoor play areas. The design should be imaginative while also meeting safety requirements.

Indoor Playsets Equipment Estimated Cost Analysis

Please keep in mind that the ultimate cost is determined by the unique design, material specifications, applicable national legislation, and transportation distance. Please keep in mind that these are only estimates, and your project may differ. You always have a choice to contact our sales team for a quote and more detailed information with regards to your need and the cost for it. Let's have a peek, shall we?

Product fee


Size: 23*9*4.5m. Container request 1*40ft HQ.
Inside with soft slide with foam pit cubes, fiberglass slide, plastic tunnel, crawl net, pyramid obstacles, hanging bags, soft toys.

Shipping fee


For a 40ft HQ container to a long beach seaport in the USA, it is about $1,800.

For a 40ft HQ container in Germany, it is about $2,200.

For a 40ft HQ container in Jebel Ali in Dubai, it is about $1,000

Miscellaneous fees


The Fundamentals of Indoor Playground Equipment

As part of Dreamland Playground's efforts as a famous manufacturer of indoor playsets, we've produced this page as a resource for anyone interested in getting into the indoor playsets business. This website will be very useful because it will give you basic information on indoor playsets. We'll also talk about some of the advantages of owning one. So, if you're thinking of buying an indoor playset, keep reading!

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Why Choose Dreamland Playground for Your Indoor Playground Supplier?

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The Most Common Purchase Mistakes

For youngsters, commercial indoor playsets are a fun and exciting place to play. Did you realize that buying indoor playsets equipment incorrectly might result in a loss of money or possibly significant injuries? That is why, before purchasing indoor playsets equipment, it is critical to be informed of the potential dangers. Here are some of the most typical blunders to be aware of.
Indoor playsets from a reputable and trusted supplier who can give you a full solution.
All of the equipment in the indoor playsets complies with all safety rules.
Take the design into account when engaging in a variety of activities.
What materials are utilized in the manufacturing of indoor playsets equipment to ensure a long service life?
For installation, make a backup plan. If you're not sure you can do it yourself, employ someone who has done it before!
Costs of continuing maintenance should be factored into your budget. Make sure to select indoor playsets equipment that will last for many years.
Tips for cleaning and disinfecting your indoor playsets equipment.
Overall, selecting the correct indoor playsets equipment manufacturer is critical to avoiding frequent mistakes.

Why Choose Dreamland Indoor Playsets Manufacturer?

Dreamland Playground is an indoor playsets manufacturer that was established to revolutionize and improve the playsets market. We are proud of our ability to provide high-quality products and services while maintaining their safety and design. Our equipment meets or exceeds American and European standards, allowing us to complete hundreds of projects in more than 40 countries throughout the world. We have listed some self-nominations of why you should choose Dreamland Playground as your go-to provider of indoor playsets equipment. 
1. Safety standards such as ASTM, EN, AS, CSA, and NZ are used to certify our indoor playsets equipment. This means that all our manufactured products are safe and of high quality.
2. Dreamland Playground as a manufacturer of indoor playsets offers installation and maintenance that are covered with a lifetime warranty. 
3. Our company made sure that we are using only high-quality materials to ensure the longevity of all of our products. 
4. We are truly experienced with this business with a bunch of installations conducted locally and internationally with clients from over 40 countries all over the globe. 
5. Dreamland indoor playsets manufacturer provides a comprehensive turnkey solution for your indoor playsets from design, production, shipping, and installation all following safety standards. 
6. We offer a bunch of themes and designs to choose from. To make it more effective, we can also customize your indoor playsets according to what you want. Dreamland as a manufacturer of indoor playsets will transform your ideas into reality. 
7. Dreamland indoor playsets manufacturer is equipped with amazing teams and people that are ready to help all our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
As China's leading producer of indoor playsets and other play equipment, Dreamland Playground is with our customers every step of the way to ensure that they are satisfied with the services we give.

Dreamland Indoor Playsets Manufacturer F.A.Q’s


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