How to Make Your Soft Play Equipment a Profitable Business

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Indoor Soft Play Equipment

Do you want to turn your soft play equipment business into a profitable one?

Then, this blog post is for you. Learn about the different ways that will help you make your indoor playground successful and profitable.

We'll go over things like choosing the right location for your indoor playground, what type of equipment should be used in it, how much space should be allocated to each piece of equipment etc.

This is a complete guide on "How to make your soft play equipment a profitable business?"

Market Research

Making your indoor playground profitable can be difficult if you don't know what results to expect.

However, the most important thing with which you need to start is - market research!

You'll have to study your competitors and target customers and their needs to make any business venture successful.

Market Research for Soft Play Equipment Business

Right Location

Choosing the right location for your indoor playground is one of the most important decisions to make.

If you choose the wrong location, it can kill all your efforts and ruin your business altogether.

So, before signing any contract with anyone or even putting up some posters on the walls, do thorough research on which locations are ideal for your soft play equipment business.

Types of Soft Play Equipment

You don't need to use only one type of Indoor Playground Equipment in the entire space allocated for it.

You can also match and mix different types to make your place unique from others.

However, keep this in mind before choosing any other kind of equipment - it should be easy to clean, attractive, and safe!

So, using equipment made of soft materials and by a reliable manufacturer is a must.

Soft Playground

Size and Shape of Soft Play Equipment

The size and shape of your indoor playground are also essential factors to consider while making the final layout.

You should make sure that all the children can easily move around in it without any hassle, especially when you have more than one child playing at once.

Another thing that need to be kept in mind is the space allocated to each piece of equipment. Don't make it so small that children can barely move around in it!

Indoor Soft Play Equipment

Color Selection

Light colors often create the illusion of spaciousness, while dark colors make an effect of feel smaller.

When designing an indoor playground, you should strike a balance between both perceptions by incorporating both light and dark elements into your design plan (such as choosing light roofs and dark walls to create a soft contrast or vice versa).

Colorful Soft Play Equipment

Safety and Durability

When choosing the right indoor playground equipment, you need to ensure two things - safety and durability.

Although soft play equipment usually ensures both these things when used indoors, there are some exceptions too, like climbing gyms, for example.

Before making the final decision of buying any equipment, do thorough research on it.

Above all these things, you should keep in mind that the safety of your children is the most important thing!

Wherefore, you must ensure that you are buying soft play equipment from the right manufacturer who ensures that the equipment is manufactured in compliance with local and international Quality and Safety Standards.

Open Play Model

- One of the best ways to make your soft play equipment business profitable is by "open play."

This is a way to make your park seem like an attractive destination for field trips and Moms Groups who want discounts or special pricing with their children in tow!

Furthermore, if mommies are already coming, then it makes sense that they'll bring friends too.

When these moms visit the parks, there should be educational experiences on offer - this will help create brand loyalty among adults and kids since parents typically end up spending money at attractions together anyway (and what better time than summer break).

Soft Play Park

Theme Parties

Another way to turn indoor playgrounds successful and profitable is by "theme parties."

You can host birthday parties for kids and make a lot of money.

All you need to do is provide the right soft play equipment and some other things like party food, drinks, decoration, sound equipment, clowns, and other fun activities, etc.

Theme Party with Soft Play Equipment

Class and Education Programs

To make their soft play equipment business profitable, some indoor playgrounds try to incorporate the accredited preschool. In addition, they are trying to establish educational classes as a primary focus and receive funding from federals or states in America for this type of facility that specializes only in one style learning method - the Montessori Method.

Most customers can see this design with most Indoor Playgrounds today, which will choose one point out-of-many styles such as sensory bins, animals naming games, etc.

So, if your indoor playground business doesn't take off because no customers are coming in, then hosting classes and education programs for kids can be a great idea!

You'll have to invest some money on soft play equipment, but the returns are excellent.

Besides, you can also attract customers through word-of-mouth marketing!

Class with Indoor Soft Play Equipment

Retail Shops

The retail toy shop business is another excellent way to make your soft play equipment profitable.

All you need to do here is provide toys and other related things like books, etc., and indoor playground equipment.

This will allow children (and parents) to come over for playing time to purchase some toys and enjoy the

entertainment on your soft play equipment.

Retail Shop with Indoor Playground

Food and Drink

It's always a good idea to have some form of entertainment for your guests at our indoor playground.

And if you're hosting an event that requires extensive energy, then soft-play equipment with food or drink makes perfect sense.

The last time I checked, humans need both things after playing sometimes!

And when those hungry children come in, they'll be more than happy because this place has everything from pizza ovens with artisanal toppings right up until milkshakes made from real ice cream, so there isn't anything these little monsters won't find delightfully delicious about it.

Indoor Playground with Restaurant

Positive Learning Environment

Playgrounds are arenas where children learn to take chances, explore their surroundings, develop skills and even socialize with each other (especially when the playground has an organized play structure like soft play equipment).

That means that before you can make your indoor playground business profitable, you need to ensure that the environment is conducive to positive learning.

To do this, you need to think about all of the soft play equipment that will be available for use and how it can encourage children to learn through play.

This will help set the tone for your business, and it may even attract new customers.

Community-based Projects

Community-based projects can also generate a lot of revenue for your indoor playground business!

Grants from community-based organizations, nonprofits, and corporations are available for soft play equipment businesses that operate in the public welfare sector.

Grants can provide a few hundred or even several thousand dollars to help you run your business with these types of projects focused on children's activities.

Indoor Soft Play Equipment


Choosing an appropriate name for your soft play equipment business is also essential. This can even be used as a marketing tool and can help you attract more customers!

Indoor Playground

Hard work

Do remember this thing - the most critical part of making any new business successful and profitable is hard work!

If you want to make your indoor playground different from others, then put in the extra effort and work harder than others.

After all, it's your passion that will help you achieve success in the end!

Reducing Repair and Maintenance Cost

The best way to make your soft play equipment business profitable and successful is by reducing repair and maintenance costs with the use of trained staff who are well-trained in every aspect of how they work.

The regular inspection ensures any problems are caught before it's too late to save time and money on repairs or replacement, increasing profits even more!

The cleaner an environment for kids' safety - less chance of dangerous bacteria growing around dirtied surfaces where children often put their hands when playing games.

Indoor Playground


In conclusion, the key to a profitable soft play business is to ensure your equipment is safe and of the highest quality.

If you need help with designing or choosing new pieces for your playground, contact us at Dreamland PlayGround!

Dreamland Playground not only have years of experience in the industry and can walk you through every step from start to finish.

Whether it’s choosing the best equipment from our catalog or assembling your custom designs, we are happy to lend our expertise so that you can focus on running your business.

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