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Dreamland Indoor Playground Supplier is a professional solution provider for amusement parks, theme parks, water parks, zoos, museums, and other attractions. We are professionals manufacturing unique, innovative, and durable playground equipment for your amusement business. We have exported our product worldwide, with happy customers in over 50 countries.

Dreamland Playground offers complete turnkey solutions, including installation, assembly, maintenance, and cleaning of indoor playground equipment, including commercial indoor playground equipment, slides, climbing walls, swings, rope courses, and obstacle courses. We only use the finest materials and follow strict distributing and manufacturing standards. Our product complies with various local and international quality and safety standards, including NZS, ISO, ASTM, EN, NFPA, and more.

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Case Studies for Dreamland Indoor Playground Supplier

Dreamland Indoor Playground Supplier has successfully exported and installed its product in over 40 countries worldwide. Explore the latest Case Studies of thousands of Dreamland Playground Equipment projects by navigating through the links below:











Hot Selling Products by Dreamland Indoor Playground Supplier

We know children enjoy spending time outside, but sometimes it‘s just not possible. Therefore, we designed themed indoor play equipment.Children can still have fun and learn valuable lessons while enjoying the benefits of being outside.Dreamland Indoor Playground offers a variety of themed playground equipment. These include Jungle, Ocean, Candy Land, Space, Pirate Ship, Forest. Each theme includes different types of games and activities.Besides, we also offer a wide variety of Ninja Training Playground Equipment. That's why both kids and adults will always be excited to go to this place.Check out our selection of hot-selling indoor playground equipment today!

Space Themed Indoor Playground for Kid’s (Large)

Give your kids an ultimate space travel experience with our space-themed indoor playground equipment that features different planets, stars, and our beautiful planet earth. Its unique, interactive, and highly detailed design will improve your kid's physical skills, strength, and creativity and enhance social activity. Our equipment complies with international safety standards, including ASTM and EN safety standards.
This space-themed indoor playground equipment is designed to provide hours of fun and excitement for kids of all ages. Space-themed indoor playground equipment is great for any kid who wants to spend time playing in a futuristic environment. Kids will enjoy climbing through tunnels, exploring obstacles, and sliding down slides. Your child will never get bored when accessing this special space-themed indoor playground equipment. Instead, they can enjoy an endless number of hours with it.
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Ninja Adventure Playground (DL07116)

Enhance your kid’s confidence, strength, and balance with our ninja school equipment.

Equipment with a perfect combo of slides, log grips, hanging bags, ball pits, swings, and various other soft obstacles.

Manufactured by well-trained designers and engineers using the finest material while complying with international safety standards.

It can be customized to install tons of simple and difficult training obstacles to enhance your kid's survival skills.

It can be designed and customized for all ages, making it accessible for kids and adults.

Ninja School is designed to train your kid’s body and mind in preparation for the real thing.
This Ninja Themed indoor playground equipment is great for indoor playtime. They're also ideal for kids' parties and birthday celebrations.
Kids will enjoy playing in them without getting dirty or worrying about messes.
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Candy Themed Kid’s Indoor Soft Play Structure (DL019)

Take your kid on the sweet and delicious journey on our Candy Themed Indoor Playground.

A perfect addition to your indoor amusement park, indoor theme park, restaurant, warehouse, shopping mall, etc.

Features colorful theme details with fun rides like trampoline, slides, tunnels, etc.

Manufactured with strict manufacturing standards to ensure well-designed structure and ultimate safety and durability for your kids.

This is a great way to entertain your kids during the holidays!
Candy Land is a classic board game that is now available in a fun and colorful version called Candy Land Playground Equipment. Kids will enjoy playing on the candy land playground slide, climbing the wall, and other games.
Candy Land Playground Equipment is a must for any indoor playground!
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Safety standards Acquired By Dreamland Indoor Playground Supplier

Playground equipment designed for an indoor environment must be suitable for children and adults. All playground equipment manufactured by Dreamland Playground meets or exceeds all safety standards. It would be best if you only bought equipment that meets these safety requirements. Your children's safety is paramount.

Dreamland Playground complies with safety standards, including ISO (worldwide), EN1176, EN71, CSA for Canada, ASTM F1918, CPSIA, AS3533 for Australia, UL94, NFPA701 for the United States, EU Reach for Europe, NZS5828 for New Zealand.

(1) ASTM F1918 (North America)

ASTM F-1918 (Standard Safety Performance Specification for Soft Contained Play Equipment) is a voluntary consensus technical standard developed and published by ASTM for numerous systems, services, materials, and products. It is designed to protect children from injury.

Dreamland Playground designs, manufactures, and installs soft play equipment that complies with the ASTM F-1918 specification to meet North America’s Local safety standards and pass the safety inspection.

(2) NFPA 701 (North America)

Materials used in the construction of Dreamland Indoor Playground comply with NFPA-701. It is important to use the proper type of material because fabrics or other materials that do not comply with the NFPA-701 standard may burn. As an example, if you were to put a curtain made out of non-compliant material near a fireplace, it could catch fire easily.

(3)EN 1176 (Europe)

Dreamland Playground indoor play equipment meets EN 1176 standards. This means that the playground equipment can be used in Europe and America.

The European standard EN 1176 specifies safety standards for play equipment used indoors. This includes playgrounds, climbing walls, trampolines, slides, swings, and other similar devices. It also covers the design of these items, such as how they should be constructed, what materials they should be made from, and how they should be installed.

Besides, EN 1176 covers safety requirements, such as height limits and other design features. The standard also includes guidelines for testing the equipment to ensure it meets safety standards.

(4)ISO (Worldwide)

ISO is an international organization that ensures that everything in the product, system, or service works properly. It is to ensure the consumer gets the quality, safety, and efficiency of the product for what they paid for. Safety is important, and they want to prevent children from playing unsafely.

Indoor playgrounds are built according to ISO standards, as it is the world's most recognized and implemented standard.

EstimatedCost Analysis When Buying From Indoor Playground Supplier

Indoor Playground structures are available in many different styles and sizes. They can be made from a variety of materials, such as plastic, fabric, wood, or metal. Some have slides, climbing walls, tunnels, swings, and other features. Before choosing one, you must decide your budget and what you want children to do with their play structure.

The Product Fee


Size: 23*9*4.5m. Container request 1*40ft HQ.
This is only the purchase price without installation costs.

The Shipping Cost


Shipping Cost mostly depends on shipping location, shipping method, and dimensions and weight of the package.

For example:

If you want to ship your products to the beach seaport, US, you must pay around $1,800 per 40 feet container.

If you want to ship your goods to Hamburg seaport, Germany, you should spend about $2,200 per 40 feet container.

And if you want to ship them to JEBEL ALI, UAE, you'll need to pay around $1,000 per 40 feet container.

Other Miscellaneous Expenses


You may require to pay other expenses around $1,000, such as installation costs, customs duties, transportation, etc.

The Basic Knowledge About Indoor Playground Equipment

Indoor playground equipment provides fun activities for children to play while exercising. This is a great way for parents to provide their children with a workout that burns off energy without having them run around outside. It also provides a great alternative to running around outside where there may be danger from traffic or other hazards.
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How Can Indoor Playground Business Survive During Covid-19?

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How to Make Your Soft Play Equipment a Profitable Business

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How to Import Indoor Playground Equipment from China

The playground equipment industry is booming, with new parks opening every year.
As the demand for indoor playgrounds increases, what should you know before importing your own?


Why Choose Dreamland Playground for Your Indoor Playground Supplier?

Dreamland Playground was started to improve the quality and well being of play in the industry today. Dreamland Playground specializes in the designing, manufacturing and installing ..


Points to Consider When Buying From Indoor Playground Supplier

Playground equipment is available in various types, styles, and designs on the market today. You will find something for every age group and skill level, from slides and swings to climbing structures and sandboxes. However, when purchasing any play structure from an indoor playground supplier, some things should be considered before making your final decision. These common factors can help ensure that you don't end up with an expensive piece of equipment that won't work as well as you had hoped.
Ensure the reputation and reliability of the indoor playground supplier.
Prefer the supplier that provides one-stop solutions.
Safety and quality standards must be met when manufacturing playground equipment.
Reflect on the dimensions and design of the equipment. Ensure that it is according to your space and requirement.
Ensure that the playground equipment’s manufacturer uses durable, safe, and high-quality material.
Also, consider the after-sales services that the indoor playground supplier provides with the product.
All in all, choose the right indoor playground equipment manufacturer is of great importance to help you avoid common pitfalls.

Why Should You Buy From Dreamland Indoor Playground Supplier?

If you're looking for a good playground supplier, then look no further! We are the ideal choice!
Dreamland Playground Supplier can provide you with the most effective solutions to boost your profits and flourish your indoor amusement playground business.
If you want to buy from an indoor playground supplier known as one of the best suppliers in the world, we will be glad to hear from you. Our team will do everything possible to make sure you get what you want. We'll strive to exceed your expectations.
As a reputable indoor playground supplier, Dreamland Playground can offer you a wide array of services, such as:
1. Amazing theme and design Innovations.
2. High design restoration.
3. Designing play areas (indoor playgrounds) for commercial use.
4. Developing high-quality products.
5. Manufacturing indoor playgrounds as well as outdoor play equipment.
6. Local and international product safety standard compliance for many countries.
7. Providing customized solutions for your project.
8. Fulfilling orders on time.
9. Training staff members.
10. Product warranty.
11. Amazing After-sales services, including installation and maintenance.
12. Supporting customer service and technical support.
Our mission is to create innovative playgrounds for children around the globe. Playspace means a place where children can be free to explore their world. Innovative means new or different from other places. Unique means something that is rare. We want our playgrounds to be unique from others.
With amazing designs, durable quality, international safety standard compliance, and reliable after-sales services, we have established ourselves as one of the reliable companies that can deliver high-quality products and excellent customer service.
Wherefore, we aim to become one of the most reliable, trusted, and reputable brands in the market.
Our commitment to excellence has helped us gain many loyal customers because we provide Quality Products at Affordable Prices and On-Time Delivery.

The FAQS about Indoor Playground Supplier

Before purchasing indoor playground equipment, it is essential to learn about a few of its often asked questions.


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