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Dreamland Playground is a professional supplier of custom indoor playground equipment to amusement parks, theme parks, and other attraction centers worldwide. We focus on offering top-quality projects based on advanced technology with excellent service and competitive prices. We have distributed our product worldwide, to over 50 countries.

We have a strong R&D team with exceptional designers to provide our clients with customized turn-key solutions for their amusement business.

Our product complies with various local and international quality and safety standards, including ISO, ASTM, EN, NFPA, etc. Besides, we only use the finest materials and follow strict distribution and manufacturing standards.

Dreamland Playground offers an extensive online catalog for customers worldwide. Besides, you can also contact us for our customization services and turn your dream design into reality.

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Dreamland Custom Indoor Playground Equipment: Case Studies

Dreamland Playground has successfully customized, manufactured, exported, and installed its product in over 50 countries worldwide.
Explore the latest Case Studies of thousands of Dreamland Custom Indoor Playground Equipment projects by going through the links below:











Hot Selling Products by Dreamland Custom Indoor Playground Supplier

Dreamland Playground is a company that aims to satisfy its clients by fulfilling their needs while providing cost-effective solutions. Therefore, all of our indoor equipment are customized, designed, manufactured, and installed according to our clients' design, floor plans, requirements, and budget.
Are you looking for hot selling custom products popular with both parents and kids?
Attractive design, practicality, and first-class fun – all at an affordable price.
The following are our best-selling products to help you make better decisions about your upcoming purchase. These products can easily be customized according to your requirement.

Customized Indoor Playground Equipment (Ocean Theme - DLID160317)

Let your kids explore the depth of the ocean with our fantasy ocean-themed indoor playground equipment.

Features unique, in-depth ocean details, including natural-looking colors, plants, and sea animals such as octopus, jellyfish, dolphin, shark, etc.

This indoor playground equipment is equipped with rides like slides, softballs, monkey bars, tunnels, swings, etc.

All features and theme details can be customized according to the client’s demand.

Your kids are having fun right now, but they're going to want something else soon.
Check out this fantastic custom ocean-themed indoor playground equipment for fun without burning under the sun! Kids will enjoy playing around in this incredible ocean habitat!
These toys will create hours of fun for your children. They can climb on the ships' decks, explore the coral reef, dive into the water, and even enjoy pretend games like pirates and mermaids.
Order one of these exciting pieces of equipment today!

Custom Ninja Warrior Playground (DL071111)

This custom indoor playground features pyramids, a giant slide, interactive play panels, a tube slide, and other soft obstacles.

Comes with a one-year product warranty.

Perfect for Indoor Themed Park, Amusement Park, Shopping Mall, etc.

Clients can easily customize the equipment size, shape, and other components.

Our custom ninja warrior playground is the latest indoor fun for kids. The giant slide and tube slide are designed to be safe and fun for small children. In addition, there are interactive play panels and pyramids to challenge the senses and many soft obstacles to attempt without fear of injury. This playground is ideal for indoor amusement parks, shopping malls, or home use. It's big enough to handle dozens of kids at a time, so it can be a hit with whoever uses it.
Customize this fantastic equipment today!

Vivid animal Customized Indoor Playground (DLID007)

An Amazing Jungle Adventure for Kids where they can learn about animals in a safe, interactive environment.

Features tons of wildlife details, including trees, plants, and animals like elephants, monkeys, tigers, etc.

It offers a perfect combination of colors and plays equipment, including soft toys, slides, blasters, trampoline, etc., to enhance the fun experience.

Dreamland offers full product customization to turn your ideas into reality.

Jungle Themed Custom Indoor Play Ground Equipment is designed to encourage kids to explore the outdoors, and it comes complete with a jungle theme and accessories to make it even better.
Kids will enjoy exploring the jungle with this great set of equipment!
Get your kids outside and let them experience nature by playing in this wonderful jungle-themed playground.
They'll love exploring the jungle and learning about animals along the way!
Order your child's favorite jungle-themed indoor playground equipment today!

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Safety Standards Acquired By Dreamland Custom Indoor Playground Equipment Supplier

Dreamland Playground products are proudly manufactured in China. We specialize in creating custom-designed indoor playground equipment that meets or exceeds all safety standards and guidelines. Our unique patented designs provide a safe, fun, and healthy environment for children in playgrounds worldwide.

All the custom playground equipment we produce meets or exceeds the following safety and quality standards. These quality and safety standards cover the design, production, installation, and maintenance of these types of playgrounds.

(1) CE (European Countries)

The CE mark is the European quality standard. Dreamland Playground has proudly acquired this certification as we export Indoor Playgrounds to Europe and other regions worldwide.
It proves that an item has been assessed by a European Notified Body and complies with all relevant European health, safety, and environmental requirements, giving customers peace of mind when using our custom indoor playground equipment.

(2) AS3533.4.2-2013 (Australia)

Dreamland Playground designs, manufacture, and installs indoor playgrounds for Australian customers. All our products comply with AS 3533.4.2-2013 in Australia, the safety standards for indoor playgrounds. Unfortunately, as Australia doesn't allow testing for these standards outside of their country, we can't get our products tested for this standard. However, we design, manufacture, and install our custom indoor playgrounds according to this Australian safety and quality standards.

(3)CPSIA (North America)

Dreamland Playground indoor play areas are safe places for children to learn about their environment and develop skills. The CPSIA requires that all toys sold in the US be tested before being released to consumers. All products must pass these tests, and each toy manufacturer must submit its testing data. This legislation also requires that the manufacturers' testing procedures be publicly available.

(4)ISO (Worldwide)

Dreamland Custom Indoor Playgrounds are designed to meet the requirements of ISO standards in every aspect. ISO is an independent, international NGO with International Standards that make things work. They give worldwide recognized specifications for systems, services, and products to ensure quality, efficiency and safety. It is a cornerstone of international commerce.

Estimated Cost Analysis For Custom Indoor Playground Equipment

Do you want to determine how much will your custom indoor playground equipment cost? Well! You will find an estimate below, though keep in mind that the final price depends on several factors, such as the design you choose, the materials used, any applicable laws in your area, and how far away the play equipment supplier is.
This is just a rough estimate, so your project may differ from the one below. Let's examine this further!

The Product Fee


The estimated cost of a custom indoor playground is $20,000. This is only the purchase price without installation costs.

The Shipping Cost


Shipping Cost mostly depends on shipping location, shipping method, dimensions, and weight of the package.

For example:

If you want to ship your products to the beach seaport, US, you must pay around $1,800 per 40 feet container.

And if you want to ship them to JEBEL ALI, UAE, you'll need to pay around $1,000 per 40 feet container.

If you want to ship your goods to Hamburg seaport, Germany, you should spend about $2,200 per 40 feet container.

Other Miscellaneous Expenses


You may require to pay other expenses of around $1,000, such as installation costs, customs duties, transportation, etc.

Custom Indoor Playground Equipment: The Basic Knowledge

You may be able to build a business by setting up customized indoor playgrounds in your vicinity. Whether you want to make some additional income or start a full-time business, this is a good way of earning extra money.
With the help of indoor playground equipment, you can host a wide variety of events and parties.
Our website has all the information you need on the benefits of owning a custom indoor playground and how they are typically installed. Also, we have a lot of valuable resources on how to buy one from us!

How to Start an Indoor Playground Equipment Business?

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How Can Indoor Playground Business Survive During Covid-19?

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How to Import Indoor Playground Equipment from China

The playground equipment industry is booming, with new parks opening every year.
As the demand for indoor playgrounds increases, what should you know before importing your own?


Why Choose Dreamland Playground for Your Indoor Playground Supplier?

Dreamland Playground was started to improve the quality and well being of play in the industry today. Dreamland Playground specializes in the designing, manufacturing and installing ..


The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing Custom Indoor Playground Equipment

Custom indoor playground equipment buyers should be aware of a few common pitfalls. Many times these fall into the category of getting what you pay for. If you choose to go with a company that has a very low price, then they will most likely have sub-par products. The good news is that you can get great quality products if you know where to look and what to look for. Prior to making any decisions, you need to research and gather information.
Many suppliers offer free delivery on orders but do not disclose that it may take up to eight weeks to arrive. When ordering an indoor playground for your business, please discuss delivery time and charges with your supplier.
The good idea is to make sure that the company you choose is telling the truth and can produce your product in the time they give.
To design an indoor playground, you must consider every factor wisely: equipment layout, material selection, and color schemes.
Before buying from a custom indoor playground supplier, you should ask about the materials they use and the longevity of their products.
You should ensure that you discuss the payment method and after-sales services with the vendor before purchasing.
When purchasing custom indoor playground equipment, it's essential to select a high-quality manufacturer who can help you avoid these common pitfalls.

Why Choose Dreamland Playground for Custom Indoor Playground Equipment?

With over 15 years of experience in the playground industry, Dreamland Playground has been recognized as a leader in providing playground equipment that meets the highest standards.
Our quality products are built to last, and we offer the best after-sales services in the custom indoor playground manufacturing industry.
Dreamland Playground can provide high-quality, customized indoor playground equipment for your business with an on-site design department.
We take pride in our ability to deliver a cost-effective solution for all your indoor playground needs.
Dreamland Playground has designed and built hundreds of custom playgrounds across the globe, including indoor playgrounds for amusement parks, theme parks, schools, etc. We have helped thousands of customers create safe play areas for children of all ages.
From toddlers to teens, we can build a custom indoor playground that will be perfect for your child.
We offer various equipment options, including inflatable bounce houses, climbing walls, and slides. We also have an extensive selection of swing sets and climbers to choose from. In addition, we can build custom playgrounds with many different features to meet your needs.
Dreamland Playground can offer you a wide array of services, such as:
1. Providing customized solutions for your project.
2. Designing play areas (indoor playgrounds) for commercial and residential use.
3. Developing high-quality products, including indoor playgrounds as well as outdoor play equipment.
4. Fantastic theme and design Innovations.
5. High design restoration.
6. Local and international product safety standard compliance for many countries.
7.Fast Shipping.
8.Training staff members.
9.Exceptional After-sales services, including installation, inspection, and maintenance.
10.Lifetime customer support and technical support.

The FAQS About Custom Indoor Playground Equipment

Here are some questions you may want to ask before purchasing custom indoor playground equipment.


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