Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment

Dreamland Playground offers top-quality and safe commercial indoor playgrounds equipment for schools, daycares, churches, amusement parks, and businesses. We provide complete turnkey services, from design to installation. We manufacture all of our playground equipment in China and have over 100 projects done all around the world.

At Dreamland, we make all of our equipment with superior materials and the greatest attention to detail. We've been in the playground equipment manufacturing industry for more than 20 years. Our play structure meets or exceeds all appropriate local and international standards, including EN1176, TUV, GS-EN1176, and ASTM. On top of that, our products come with a lifetime warranty to ensure your equipment works perfectly for a more extended period.

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This article describes in detail the many types of commercial playground equipment marketed by Dreamland for indoor use in amusement parks, schools, restaurants, daycare centers, and other commercial locations.
The following content directory gives you a quick way to jump to the details of most interest to you.

Dreamland Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment: Case Studies

Hundreds of commercial indoor playground equipment worldwide have been designed, engineered, and installed by Dreamland.
Browse the following links for the latest case studies of Dreamland projects in over 40 countries and regions worldwide:











Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment: Our Best Sellers

The best-selling commercial indoor playground equipment makes your facility the most attractive option for families.
We are pleased to provide our best-selling commercial indoor playground equipment list. We have compiled this list over the years from the feedback we have received and by monitoring which elements customers order the most often. Our inventory is designed to help indoor theme park owners and other business owners choose the best equipment for their commercial indoor playground.

Commercial Kid’s Indoor Playground (Candy Theme - DLID506)

This commercial indoor equipment features many components, including a ball pit, slide, pyramids, and other soft obstacles.

It has various architectural designs, multiple play activities, and an educational theme.

Its colors, design, dimension, and various other factors can are customizable based on the client's needs.

Perfect addition to your restaurant, shopping mall, indoor theme park, and more.

Whether you want to create a Scenic Playground, keep your children occupied with something different, or simply provide a fun place for your family and friends to play, our Commercial Kid’s Indoor Playground can easily accommodate.
Besides the fact that these Playgrounds allow for a high degree of creativity, they attract people of all ages. Furthermore, the devices and materials used in them place the body in an active state, achieving exercise and fitness objectives.

Big Commercial Ninja Theme Indoor Playground (DL07115)

Our commercial indoor playground equipment is exactly what parents are looking for, as it provides unlimited active playtime in a safe and friendly environment.

We offer one year warranty and comprehensive after-sales service.

Fully Customizable design to meet your requirement.

Features soft play area, slide, pyramids, trampoline, and other soft obstacles.

This indoor ninja-themed playground is a big attraction for kids ages three and up who love ninjas and need something to keep them entertained.
You'll find a challenge course, climbing walls, jumping pits, and obstacle courses inside the facility.
Its ninja theme design is complemented with bright-colored tunnels and soft, plush surfaces along with water-resistant materials to prevent damage during outdoor use.
Moreover, it meets ASTM guidelines and has an easy-to-clean surface plus padded barriers to prevent injuries.
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Commercial Indoor Soft Play Equipment with Gym Area for Babies (DL07186)

Selling at a great price comes with a warranty and is made for multiple children of different ages and sizes.

Suitable for amusement parks, daycare centers, preschools and kindergarten playgrounds, or even a home gym with kids.

Features Beehouse, EPP building blocks, and other soft obstacles.

We can make it as big, as colorful, and as fun as you want.

Commercial indoor playground equipment is a win-win for children and parents alike.
Children develop motor skills, spatial awareness, and empathy through play; parents get a safe, well-organized venue with cleanliness, excitement, and social interaction.
High quality materials is used to make this commercial soft play equipment that can withstand repeated use.
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Dreamland Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment: Safety Standards

Safety is everyone's highest priority. Therefore, every commercial indoor playground equipment manufacturer takes responsibility to provide a safe product very seriously.

We at Dreamland Playground are also conscious of producing our commercial indoor playground equipment to permit manufacturers to meet U.S. Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) or European Standard Toy Safety Standards EN1176:2006(E), so everybody can play safe and enjoy their dreams come true. Besides, we also meet or exceeds the following safety and quality standards:

(1) ASTM F1918:

ASTM F1918 is a standard used by the American Society for Testing and Materials to evaluate the safety of commercial indoor playground equipment intended for children's use. Dreamland Playground strictly meets its requirement. It includes requirements that the pieces of equipment be safe to use, do not have any unreasonably sharp edges or parts, are manufactured from materials that are deemed safe, and can withstand a certain amount of stress and pressure without breaking, tearing, or cracking.

(2) NFPA 701:

The National Fire Protection Agency's NFPA 701 standard is a standard that applies to flame-resistant materials used in commercial indoor playground equipment.
Dreamland Playground has all of its commercial indoor playground equipment tested by an independent laboratory to claim that its equipment meets NFPA 701.
The tests are conducted on fabrics, vinyl, and any other component of the playground material. This testing ensures that the materials will not facilitate the spread of fire in a public building, such as an indoor amusement park, restaurant, or hotel.

(3)CSA Z614-07(R2012):

CSA Z614-07(R2012) is a standard set by the Canadian Standards Association that describes the basic requirements for safe design, construction, installation, and operation of commercial indoor playground equipment. It applies to various types of play equipment in many different kinds of facilities, including restaurants and amusement parks.

This standard was created to ensure the safety of children playing on indoor playground equipment. Therefore, Dreamland Playground ensures that its product meets this standard.


The International Organization for Standardization is a nonprofit group that writes and updates standards for goods and services worldwide. ISO certification indicates that goods have been professionally inspected and approved by a third party.

The ISO has set forth standards for commercial indoor playgrounds that meet all age ranges and abilities, so you can rest assured that your customers are playing in a safe environment when they come to your business.

It is a worldwide recognized certification that every playground equipment manufacturer should acquire, and Dreamland Playground is proud to have it.

Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment: Estimated Cost Analysis

Are you looking to buy commercial indoor playground equipment for indoor play centers, elementary schools, daycares, or churches? One of the first things you'll need is to determine how much this indoor play structure will cost you.
In this section, we'll give you a rough estimate of what you can expect to pay for commercial indoor playground equipment and help you figure out if it's realistic for your business.
Please note that the final cost of commercial indoor playground equipment will vary depending on the scope of your playground project, the specific items you have chosen, and the laws in your area.

The Product Fee


Indoor playground equipment costs approximately $20,000. (Except installation charges)

The Shipping Cost


Shipping Cost will depend on where the playground equipment is shipping to, how the order is being shipped, the dimensions of the package(s), and its weight.

For example:

If you want to ship your equipment to JEBEL ALI, UAE, you'll need to pay around $1,000 per 40 feet container.

If you want to dispatch them to the beach seaport, U.S., you must pay around $1,800 per 40 feet container.

If you want to ship your product to Hamburg seaport, Germany, you should spend about $2,200 per 40 feet container.

Other Miscellaneous Expenses


You will also have to pay other minor expenses of around $1,000, such as installation costs, transportation costs, and customs duties.

Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment: The Basic Knowledge

Commercial indoor playground equipment is designed and produced according to the characteristics of children, and it has a large number of products. Different manufacturers have different styles and prices. To choose satisfactory commercial indoor playground equipment, it is essential to have a basic knowledge about it, for which you can follow the links below:

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Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment: The Common Pitfalls

When purchasing commercial indoor playground equipment, it's essential to be aware of common pitfalls. For example, while many manufacturers make good products, many cut corners or use substandard materials.
When buying a commercial indoor play structure, look for durability and safety features, along with the following things:
When you’re choosing playground equipment, think about the materials it’s made from. For example, plastic is not intrinsically harmful, but some plastics are made from toxic chemicals. Therefore, you must ensure that any equipment you're buying is made with high-quality plastic and that the manufacturer adheres to strict quality standards when making their products.
Some companies have prolonged shipping times due to poor management. So choose the manufacturer wisely, and discuss shipping in detail.
It's important to understand that safety is always paramount because children are more likely than adults to suffer injuries while using indoor playground equipment. So, you must ensure that your playground equipment meets or exceeds local and international safety and quality standards.
Make sure you do your research and take your time buying commercial indoor playground equipment, so you don't get burned by companies that aren't reputable or sell low-quality products.
You should also ask if there's a warranty and what is covered if so.
Consider its installation. How long will the process take, and can you do it yourself or need help? Also, what is the cost?
To avoid these pitfalls mentioned above, buying your commercial indoor playground equipment from a reliable manufacturer is highly recommended.

Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment: Why Choose Dreamland Playground?

Dreamland Playground is the first choice for many parents and school administrators to buy commercial indoor playground equipment. We can design, manufacture, and install a custom playground in your commercial space that will be loved by everyone who visits.
Dreamland Playground Supplier can provide you with the most effective solutions to boost your profits and flourish your indoor amusement playground business.
Indoor play is essential for children because it helps them develop their social skills, motor skills, and imagination. Our team at Dreamland Playground can help you build an indoor playground that will enhance the active and creative play of the children who visit your facility.
1. When you purchase indoor commercial playground equipment from Dreamland Playground, we can design a customized theme that will immerse your little visitors into the world of their imagination!
2. From pirate ships to alien worlds and beyond, we can turn your indoor play area into a place where children can discover their creativity and foster their development by playing with others.
3. Our products come with a lifetime warranty and comply with all applicable international and domestic quality and safety standards, including those set forth by ISO, ASTM, EN, NFPA, etc.
4. Our materials are of the finest grade available and are carefully tested before being incorporated into our products.
5. Our combination of innovative products, high-quality materials, competitive prices, and outstanding customer service sets us apart as leaders in the industry.
6. We have exported our products to 40 countries and received a tremendously encouraging response from our customers.
We invite you to browse our website to learn more about our products or contact us today to speak with one of our friendly sales specialists.

Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment: The Frequently Asked Questions

You might have had a lot of questions about commercial indoor playground equipment. FAQs are commonly asked, and we will answer them here.


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