Top 10 Hot Sale Trampoline Park Attractions

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As park goers continue to increase in number, trampoline park operators are keen on learning and discovering what attractions draw a lot of attention to customers.

This article lays down the top 10 hot sale trampoline park attractions that are mostly the highlight of most trampoline parks. Customers and park goers rally into these courses with so much eagerness and buzz. These several attractions are suitable for children and adults respectively.

Main Court

What is a trampoline park without the main court? The main court is one of the trampoline park attractions where you can see several trampoline beds of varied sizes and colors. The size of the main court can vary greatly depending on the size of the entire trampoline park.

Park goers and visitors who love calm features are most welcome to this attraction. This is for everyone, especially children and adults who would just love to jump their hearts and enjoy the moment. This is ideal for freestyle jumping without thinking of a solution to a trial.  If you are a customer who prefers a simple and incomplex set-up, this attraction is for you.

Reaction Wall


A reaction wall consists of a customized pattern, could it be a playground logo. It is attached to a specific wall inside the trampoline park that will light up randomly. Players will hit the lighted pad as quickly as possible with a corresponding score depending on the speed.

This attraction grabs the spotlight since it is not just a simple cardio pastime. This is a game of agility, coordination, and speed while at the same time aiding neurodevelopment. Park goers and customers who are quick and speedy can easily ace this course. They can challenge a friend or beat a personal best score with its interactive, fun, and challenging game.

Do not think twice, challenge a friend of a colleague and see who will make it on top!

Dodgeball Court

A dodgeball court inside a trampoline play area is one of the best trampoline park attractions to date. This course consists of a flat trampoline surface with sloping sides that is covered by a safety net to enable the ball to stay inside the court without interfering with other areas so if you’re outside the court, you’ll never have to worry about being hit by a ball.

This game is for all individuals, especially in groups who wanted to put a bit of challenge and extra fun into trampolining. This attraction measures teamwork, cooperation, and competitiveness and that makes it a go to course for almost everyone.

Anyone who is into group competition with skill in catching, throwing, dodging, and blocking a ball, a dodgeball competition inside a trampoline park is the perfect avenue to showcase that talent. Come out, leap and dodge, you might be the last person standing!

Battle Beam

Inside a battle beam is a small balance beam with foam pits on the ground that serves as a safe landing spot. Two players handling battle sticks will push each other until one falls and the other one remains. The player who remains standing on the balance beam will be declared the winner.

Do you want to test your balance and strength? The battle beam is the perfect sauce and a trend to answer that. The Battle beam became one of the majority choices when it comes to trampoline park attractions because it will not just measure an individual’s balance and strength but also endurance and persistence.

Wanna measure yours? Take the balance and strength test with the battle beam!

Foam Pit

A foam pit is made up of an area consisting of interconnected foam pits with multi-directional protection and a comfortable landing area. Depending on the manufacturer, it is mostly 1.2 meters the least height of the foam cubes that made up the whole foam pit area.

Trampoline park customers, especially parents, do really prioritize safety especially when it comes to their children. As a given fact to that, the foam pit became the most ideal trampoline park attraction.

Everyone can easily jump, dive, and enjoy the sea of foam in the foam pit attraction. With a secure enough level of foam that is manufactured with the best softness and comfort, a lot of park goers choose this attraction over others.

Basketball Slam Dunk

Who wouldn't love basketball? With the influence of the NBA, a lot of individuals dreamed of doing slam dunks and layups. Trampoline park operators and manufacturers heard that, thus a basketball slam dunk trampoline park attraction took place.   

Unleash that Bryant or Jordan blood within you! The basketball slam dunk attraction arouses the attention and interest of kids and adults who adore basketball. We are not surprised anyway! With the next level of fun and excitement, the basketball slam dunk made itself a staple course when it comes to trampoline park attractions.

This attraction can be utilized for a competition or for just mere fun between friends and family. Basketball fanatics made their first slam dunk inside a trampoline park, thanks to this attraction.

Compared to a ground basketball, this attraction offers a more challenging feature since it is situated on a jumping surface so with enough patience and practice, along with eagerness and perseverance, a basketball slam dunk inside a trampoline park is an easy peasy.

Wipe Out

A game that will make your heart beat faster than usual. Wipe out is an obstacle course also referred to as meltdown. It consists of a platform with a rotating circular beam at the center. The circular beam is covered by foam to make sure no harm is incurred.

The wipe out trampoline park attraction is the perfect combination of action and senses. Avoiding getting hit by the beam is the major objective of this course. Players will leap and bend over just to remain in-game. Due to its challenging and exciting factor, many park goers are in awe to try and be entertained by this game.

It develops speed in terms of bodily reaction and accuracy in the sense of sight making it one of the best choices when it comes to trampoline park attractions. Whether you’re a child or an adult, you will surely see yourself running out of breath as you dodge and jump to win the game.


A zipline inside a trampoline park consists of a durable cable mounted to an elevated platform across each other with a foam pit or an airbag on the landing area for a precisely safe and secure experience.

Are you fond of a thrilling zip line ride? Are you one of those many individuals who go beyond their comfort zone? No need to go somewhere far because your favorite indoor trampoline park might offer this attraction. Ziplining is one of the most in demand trampoline park attractions nowadays. This attraction aids in the development of confidence and at the same time reduces the fear of height. It is a fresh way to gauge your endurance and challenge your boundaries.

If you aim to fly within the park with a fully secured landing area, this is a superb attraction for you! Still figuring out whether to try or not? This is your sign to leap into this endeavor!

Interactive Jump

Valo Jump is the new illustration of digital. It is made up of a digital screen with sensors built in that track the movement of the player. The player’s performance can also be saved for future reference.  It is very easy to use and the versatility of using it for any age group is applied. Aside from its fun side, it is also a very good approach to exercise and develop the skill of coordination.  

Because of its modern features, the younger generation is truly pleased. This draws attention to park goers who want to compete in a more modern and digital way as well as exercise without even realizing it.

Technology-wise, and with its interactive feature, this became a new trend especially in indoor trampoline parks thus giving more of an edge to any trampoline park destination that offers the same.

Rock Climbing Wall

A rock climbing wall is made with a different set of challenges for different age levels. If you might fall, there is nothing to worry about because a huge area of foam pit will catch you right away.

Many park goers, especially the kids, include this trampoline park attraction in the list of must-tries.  Rock climbing walls help in building muscle strength, especially the arms and legs as well as improving balance, coordination and confidence. Aside from its physical benefits, this challenge also helps the mind to focus and think of a great strategy to finish the course and end up on top.


Different trampoline park attractions made up a whole trampoline park area. Each attraction offers different features and gives a different trampoline experience to all of its park goers and customers.

From the perspective of an operator who plans to build a trampoline park area, this article might be useful for you in your venture. You may use this as an opportunity and basis on what attractions best suit you and your market. It is within you how to market your park business.

If you are truly determined, Dreamland Playground, a trampoline park manufacturer from China can be your best decision as a partner. Send us a message today.  

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