Foam Pit Trampoline

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Foam pit trampolines are a popular attraction in indoor trampoline parks. They are usually made up of trampolines and a foam pit that provides cushioning when jumpers land. The foam pit can be enhanced with additional features like battle beams, swing bridges, roll beams, spider drop towers, climbing walls, and ninja courses to make the experience even more exciting.

We use flame-retardant foam blocks that meet the CA117 standard for foam for furniture. They are a great addition to any indoor trampoline park, but their relatively high cost makes them more suitable for larger venues with bigger budgets.

Age Group:
5-12 /  12+

Difficulty: ⭐⭐⭐
People of all ages can enjoy foam pit trampolines, but younger children may require adult supervision. The difficulty level is relatively low, making it an excellent activity for newcomers to trampolining or those who want a more relaxed experience.

Specifications: custom sizes

According to EN ISO 23659, approved by CEN on 29 October 2022, the minimum width of a sponge pool in combination with a trampoline is 6 metres; In combination with a climbing wall, the minimum width is 7.5 metres.


Depth Requirement:

According to North American Standard F2970 - 13:

Popularity: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
It is one of the most popular items in the indoor park. Children are free to jump into the foam pit and feel the softness and warmth of the pool as if they were in a giant hug. This experience is both fun and safe and attracts a large number of customers

Cost: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Despite the higher cost, foam pit trampolines remain a popular attraction for indoor trampoline parks. Their versatility and the various features that can be added to them make them a great investment for any park. However, if your space or budget is limited, other attractions may be more suitable for you.

Custom Colors:
Below shows the regular colors of the sponge blocks:
For other custom colors, the minimum order quantity is 20 CBM.

Color Option For Soft Pad:




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