Dreamland Playground Transforms Island-Themed soft play climbing frame

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Dreamland Playground is excited to share our new indoor playground equipment: a colorful soft play climbing frame with an island theme that has improved the indoor playground in Texas. For kids of all ages, this customized soft play climbing frame provides an amazing adventure experience that combines the wonders of a jungle with the peaceful quiet of the ocean.

With an uncommon soft play climbing structure, our respected American client wanted to go beyond the typical jungle design. They intended to produce a new, attractive design that used lots of natural elements. After cooperative discussions with our designers, we ultimately arrived at a fresh concept: an indoor playground with an island theme that perfectly combines aspects of the jungle and the ocean.

The focus of the playground's design is a two-level soft play climbing structure with a variety of exciting attractions. Stairs, bridges, slides, crawl tubes, and trampolines are all suitable for children. There are also many interesting obstacles in the area, all carefully designed to improve the play experience: hanging bags, x-obstacles, spider holes, hanging wheels, mountains, wall games, and a woven net platform with a bole.

We placed bright green leaf and palm tree decorations on the frames to enhance the island atmosphere. The wall images of waves and other underwater creatures draw attention to the sense of gentle sea wind. The space's color scheme relies on blues, with vivid oranges and greens bringing energy to the space.

This project shows the strength of Dreamland Playgrounds' and our respected clients' strong collaboration. This soft play climbing frame provides our common goal of creating an environment that inspires and attracts children's imaginations. We would like to express thanks to the hardworking installation team, whose expertise and care for detail made this job run successfully.

If you are considering creating your own themed indoor playground, then Dreamland Playground is definitely the one for you. Explore the possibilities with Dreamland Playground and make dreams of adventure a reality.


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