Our Newest Trampoline park layout in Germany

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We are delighted to introduce our latest trampoline park in Germany, a vibrant playground that combines dynamic play with technology.

Our trampoline park layout, with its eye-catching red, black, and grey color scheme, is a visual paradise that offers visitors an exciting and thrilling experience. The layout is thoughtfully divided into different zones, each offering a variety of interesting activities.

There are various trampoline park attractions such as a dodgeball court, trampoline parkour, and roller bridge in the park's left part. This combination offers a range of play options so that guests may choose from many activities that create an interesting and lively atmosphere.

The open jump area and interactive jump section in the middle of the trampoline park layout allow players to let loose and leap and bounce to their heart's delight. Furthermore, the reaction wall integrates technology components to provide kids with a unique and interesting experience.

There is a slack line challenge and an inflated airbag in the right zone. Children love to free fall into the inflated airbag, which gives them a brief sensation of weightlessness, after climbing the nearby stairs to a certain height. Participants can also be challenged to carefully cross the slack line.  Rest assured that the inflatable airbag ensures the safety of the participant, a perfect combination of excitement and safety.

Dreamland Playground is proud that the trampoline park layout will bring more laughter to the local children. If you would like a similar trampoline park for your recreational business, please contact us.


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