Our Latest Achievement: Mall Play Area in Hungary

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Discover the wonders of our newest indoor playground project, the Mall Play Area in Hungary, featuring a captivating ocean theme that brings boundless joy to children and families alike. This project includes a three-level Play Structure, a ninja playground area, and a trampoline zone


The centerpiece of the venue is the eye-catching Donut Slide and Space Tunnel, which features a rainbow-colored slide.

Three-Level Play Structure:

Three-Level Play Structure includes Various soft obstacles, including carbines, slides, hanging bags, a knitted net ramp, a spinning cylinder, a ball pit, interactive ball games, and other soft obstacles.

Trampoline Zone:

 Interesting attractions like a half-cylinder ramp, giant shark-shaped decor, trampolines, and interactive jump technology. The interactive jump projects games onto the trampoline surface, turning every jump into a game move.

Ninja Playground:

Ninja Playground has two kinds of tracks for four players to race on at the same time, and when the player starts the game, a button is pressed to record the time it took the player to clear the level. it includes spinning barrels, a single-plank bridge, cylinder swings, a climbing wall, a tube tunnel, swing bags, oblique obstacles, and opposite triangle mountains.

Additionaly, there is a rainbow net and zip line that bring added excitement. And several reserved rooms for hosting memorable parties.

This Mall Play Area, with its enchanting ocean theme, offers a world of entertainment and engagement for children of all ages.

Experience the joy and excitement that Dreamland Playground brings to indoor playgrounds. Elevate your family-friendly spaces with our innovative and interactive designs. Contact us and bring these unforgettable mall play areas to your space!


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