Large Indoor Play Structures Project in Malaysia Johor

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Our Newest Large Indoor Play Structures project in Malaysia Johor offers a range of exciting areas designed to attract visitors of all ages. The project offers endless fun and adventure for everyone with a number of wide areas including a video game area, relaxation area, indoor playground, trampoline park, and climbing area.

The arcade area contains a variety of electronic games that can enhance the entertainment experience and bring in additional income. Meanwhile, the relaxation area provides a comfortable waiting space for parents and a resting place for tired children.

The indoor playground equipment area is the heart of the project and is the largest and most central part. The indoor play area consists of two parts: the role-play house and the large indoor play structures.

The Role Play House has three levels, including themes such as a cafe, fire station, police station, and beauty salon, with a soft play equipment area on the top level. 

Meanwhile, there are four levels of ninja tag indoor playground equipment, with the most eye-catching attraction being the zipline, a piece of equipment that spans across attractions including a four-lane slide, a magic slide with a ball pool, and a rainbow net, which is very thrilling. Please be assured that we have installed enough safety netting at the bottom to ensure the safe use of the equipment. There are also dozens of other attractions in this area waiting to be explored by our little adventurers.

The trampoline area features many popular rides, such as the timed Mario-themed wall, where visitors can traverse randomly moving obstacles to avoid falling into the bubble pit. At the same time, our designers made reasonable use of the space in the foam pit and added a battle beam as a fun item at the end of the foam pit. In addition, the Sticky Wall, Open Jump, Reaction Wall, Trampoline with Basketball Hoop, and Bubble Soccer also bring endless fun to visitors.

In the climbing area, visitors can challenge two challenging programs: the Cube Climbing Wall (Fun Wall)and the Traditional Climbing Wall, each of which offers different climbing routes to give visitors a unique experience.

We look forward to you contacting Dreamland Playground to customize your own space and purchase high-quality equipment to attract more visitors to your venue. With our large indoor play structures, the joy and adventure are endless.

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