Dreamland's Space-Themed Playground in Australia

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We are thrilled to share the successful completion of an exciting indoor playground project in collaboration with our valued client in Australia. This extraordinary playground is an immersive space-themed wonderland that promises endless fun and adventure for children of all ages.

The entire indoor playground is intricately designed with a captivating space theme, featuring astronauts, rockets, space stations, UFOs, and other cosmic elements that transport young explorers into the depths of the universe.

Visitors to this Space-Themed Playground are treated to a wide array of thrilling attractions, including a three-story double slide, volcano climbing, a curved tube, carbine challenges, cannonball adventures, hanging bags, a single log bridge, treasure island discoveries, pyramid conquests, daring journeys across the cracks, gravity-defying donut slides, trampolines that let you bounce among the stars, a mini race car track, and a host of other soft obstacles to conquer.

(The Volcano climbing of this Playground )

The Space-Themed Playground is predominantly adorned in shades of gray, with strategic pops of yellow that mimic the twinkling stars in space. Its three levels are a testament to variety, ensuring that every layer of this cosmic adventure is packed with diverse activities to satisfy the boundless curiosity and energy of children.

Nestled in the heart of the playground is a dedicated relaxation area where parents can unwind while keeping a watchful eye on their little astronauts. Here, you can enjoy a snack or simply take a moment to recharge while your kids embark on their cosmic escapades.

(relaxation area )

This space-themed playground is a testament to Dreamland's commitment to creating immersive and captivating play spaces that inspire creativity and provide endless opportunities for fun and exploration. We are proud to have been part of this cosmic journey, and we look forward to bringing more imaginative playgrounds to life.

If you're inspired by this project and are looking to create a themed playground of your own, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Dreamland Playground is here to turn your playground dreams into reality. Contact us via email right now to start your journey!


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