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Why put kids play equipment in the cinema?

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I believe that many people have such experiences when watching movies: the movie they choose is just "savvy for young and old", but the active children can't help but walk around and disturb your sight, or the younger children often cannot sit He couldn't see it, just started crying and overturned the whole theater.

In such a situation, I wonder if you have thought about "isolating" these little guys to a theater?

On March 17 at US time, Disney's first live-action "Beauty and the Beast" will be released in the United States. One day in advance, a cinema in California called Cineole’s Junior is also about to open. This is the first youth movie theater in the United States, mainly for children 3-12 years old. The design of the theater is not just as simple as putting children together to watch a movie. They have designed rides in each of the auditoriums. Currently, children are allowed to play before the movie is shown, and they can play for 15 minutes after the show. Of course, according to the "Business Insider" report, the movie theater is also considering keeping the theater lights on so that children can play during the movie screening.

Want to know how cool this theater is?

First, each theater in the theater is 55 feet long and 25 feet high. This design makes it easy to install large game devices. Second, the theater has two slides and two main venues for playground equipment. Remember the almost empty seats in the front row of the theater? In this youth theater, there are no front rows where you need to look up to see the screen. This part of the venue is used to make an "amusement park", where you can see what you can see in the park. Children's play equipment and even "Happy Ball Ocean".

Not only that, compared with the leather sofas in ordinary theaters, watching movies in this teen theater may be more comfortable, because beanbags that children like, and air cushion lounge chairs by the pool are basically not available. Seats appearing in ordinary theater also add concentrated and popular flavors to popcorn, such as caramel popcorn.

In an interview with the Veriety website, the theater stated that allowing children to move and play freely while watching movies will not only reassure parents, but also allow children to be more autonomous when watching movies.

Recently we also just finished one project in Kuwait as below shown:

In the fast-changing era of technology, consumers pay more attention to a personalized consumption experience in the process of consumption. Cinema has developed rapidly in recent years, but it is positioned as a popular cinema, and it is not targeted in audience segments. Especially for children or parent-child Theater, it is almost never involved, which gives us a lot of space. It’s also a wonderful chance for you, welcome to contact us for getting more details.