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Ethiopian Tour of Volcanic Lake

Datatime: 2018-05-11   Visit: 602

The Dallol near the volcanic lake, 125 meters under sea level, is a beautiful hole in the earth, and it is also the hottest corner in the world. In the most extreme places, there is always an unexpected beauty hidden. Sulfur treats this place as a stage and enjoys a variety of vivid expressions.

Nature is undoubtedly the greatest and most unpredictable magician. Through a variety of chemical reactions and natural weathering, the Sulphur in one place has been transformed into a variety of shapes resembling submarine corals. The colors are from the brightest egg yellow to the strongest burgundy, very strange. Perhaps it was God who couldn’t stand by the boundless desolateness in his eyes and decided to give it more colors and shapes, so people do everything they can to come here.

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