Electric Interactive Soft Playground

Electric Bicycle DLE-0014

Electric Bicycle DLE-0014

Electric Bicycle DLE-0014
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Name:Electric Bicycle
Capacity:1-4 People
Warranty time:1-8 year(None-Artifiaicl Damage)

Describel of Electric Bicycle
This is Electric Bicycle,Used environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials,When the kids play in bicycle,and the bicycle is turning,it can exercise the balance of the child, and the development of the cerebellum.Bicycle can let children in the process of playing to balance, through the Bicycle rotation and Bicyle existence, form a can exercise body and psychological subconscious form. So as to achieve coordination and coordination of limbs, and promote the sensory and psychological ability.
1.Do not allow the children Violent destruction.
2.When the Electric is turnning,do not allow climb.
3.Don't use sharp things in electric surface.    
4.Don't allowed more than 5 people in bicycle.
We use The best materail just for your kids safety

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