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tunnel climbing fun gymbree DL1312

tunnel climbing fun gymbree DL1312

tunnel climbing fun gymbree DL1312
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Name:tunnel climbing fun gymbree
Features:The tunnel climbing fun gymbree includes a tunnel,slides and steps,etc.The products are excellent for developing the climbing and general agility skills of toddlers.

Description of Wooden Equipment:
This product uses solid wood design, environmental and safety. Our new indoor soft play combined climbing, slide, drill equal to one. Good to improve children's athletic ability, avoid autism, sensory integration dysfunction and other symptoms of poor children. The company specializes in design and development of sensory integration aids, parenting aids, educational toys, and children’s rehabilitation equipment.
Versatile combination can have different functions, different ways with different display effects. Safety and environmental, flexible, versatile is the biggest feature of this product.

Item Name: tunnel climbing fun gymbree DL1312
Certificates: ISO9001,CE, TUV EN1176, SGS, etc.
Age Range: 1-5 years old
Material: Solid wood, eco-friendly painting, PU, PVC and foam.
Installation: Professional instruction ,assembly procedure and project case
Application: Parent-child, early childhood centers, kindergartens, Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Children's Hospital, Children's Rehabilitation Center

More Information:
Top quality, as a result of specialization and standardization! In production, full automatic lines have been applied, such as Robot welding and etc.
Best price, as a result of direct selling! Direct selling is marketing mode, so the clients can get the best price from our factory.
High technology, as a result of innovation! Constant investment on R & D to encourage innovation, and long-term cooperation with China 

High quality raw material decides high quality products. We have different safety and quality standards for different countries. Dreamland is insisting on selecting high quality material to meet clients' requirements all the time.

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