Climbing Rope

Fantastic kids backyard climbing structures DL14-1131

Fantastic kids backyard climbing structures DL14-1131

Fantastic kids backyard climbing structures DL14-1131
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Name:Fantastic kids backyard climbing structures  
Size:940*580*325 cm
Features:combination of climbing games and play activities,provide hours of fun and challenge and allows children of all ages to take part.

Description of outdoor playground
Netting Rope is highly experienced in designing, engineering, and manufacturing Rope Climbing Nets for many water parks & theme parks around the world. These custom hand made nets are normally manufactured from a white 5/8" three strand twisted polyester rope with a 3” square or diamond mesh. Mesh size is measured center of rope to center of rope (not the actual opening). These nets will meet ASTM requirements to be used in an amusement play areas and attractions. Choose your rope and mesh size. Optional latex UV treatment available. Netting can be square or diamond with a thicker rope border. Many colors and options to choose from.

More information
This is a case in China. Our net rope is a fun and adventurous way to entertain children! When you are a child, nothing beats the feeling of swinging and soaring skyward! With this Swing, there is space for you and your friends to play together! You can stand, swing, sit or lay on it. The swing is even strong enough and max weight capacity reach 440lbs. Our swings have been used extensively indoors, outdoors, on swing sets and hung from trees! The net design will give you a very comfortable feeling of seating or lying. In addition, the steady structure allow you to indulge the passion for swinging. Don't hesitate to take it to your backyard! provide on-site installation services as well. You only need to buy and pay for it, and the amazing indoor playground would be yours.

Materials Description:
>>Plastic Elements
Plastic parts of our products are manufactured by rotational moulding of LLDPE imported from Samsung corporation in South Korea. And the wall thickness of the plastic parts are above 8mm.
>>Main Columns
All the main columns are made of galvanized steel pipes with diameter of 114mm and wall thickness of 2.2mm. Quality and technical standard meets the requirements of National standard GB/T3091-2001.
All the platforms are shaped by piercing 2.2mm-thick cold-roll steel sheet, with bores of diameter 6mm. The quality and technical standard are conforming to the European EN1176 standard.
>>Other Metal Parts
All the metal parts are made of galvanized steel pipes with diameter of 60mm, 48mm, 38mm, 32mm, 28mm and wall thickness of 2.2mm. Quality and technical standard meets the requirements of National standard GB/T3091-2001.
All the metal fittings are made of high strength aluminum alloy of one-time cast forming. After polishing processing, all the sharp corners are round and smooth. All the screws are made of stainless steel #314, which meets the standard of GB/T1221-1992.
>>Ropes and Nets
The ropes and nets are imported high quality sailing ropes with diameter of 12mm & 16mm, containing an internal of high strength galvanized steel wire



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Real Cases:

Why Choose US ?

All our designs and products are strictly inspected according to the safety standards to make sure all the parts of the toys will cause no harm to the kids. All the metal parts are smooth and the plastic parts are no-toxic, anti-ultraviolet property, conforming to the standard of FOOD class.
Our toys are designed by very experienced designers according to the interests and feels of the children. With different characters and styles, our products bring to the children not only happiness but also the health and wisdom.
3.High Quality
We have been believing that quality is the soul of the products. We assure that our products will kee in very good condition after long time use or even in the harsh climatic conditions. All the parts will keep high durability between the temperature -50°C~50°C.
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Q1: How can we order a right outdoor playground for our kindergarten or community?
A1: Firstly please plan your size of place,then keep a safety space of 200 cm for each direction.That means if your place is 2000*1600cm, the outdoor playground should be equal or less than 1600*1200cm.

Q2: Your outdoor playground are very nice,but how long could  the colors keep for?
A2: The colors of outdoor playground could keep for 5 years or even more.
Q3: What about the warranty period for the kids slide?
A3: We warrant 1 year for our kids slide,but normally they will keep for a longer service time.
If you have any inquiry for the outdoor playground, please feel free to contact us.