The Ultimate Guide to Buying Soft Play Equipment

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Are you thinking of buying soft play equipment for your entertainment space? Then you've come to the right place. This article will provide the ultimate guide on buying soft play equipment, informing you in detail from basic definitions to categorization to benefits, so get ready to enhance your entertainment space play experience!

Soft Play Equipment Definition

Before buying soft play equipment, you must first understand what soft play equipment is to be sure that this is the product you are looking for. The phrase "soft play equipment" refers to a specific category of cushioned structures, barriers, and interactive elements meant to give toddlers an enjoyable, secure, and stimulating setting in which to explore, play, and hone critical motor skills. These vivid, colorful equipment are constructed from foam, fabric, and other soft materials to create a cushioned surface that encourages imaginative play, climbing, crawling, and other healthy activities for toddler's bodies and minds.

The distinction between indoor playground equipment and soft play equipment

Soft play equipment differs from indoor playground equipment in that it is safer, softer, less expensive, and easier to move around. In addition, they include a variety of options to stimulate children's interest and encourage them to play with their peers. If the ideal audience for your entertainment venue is toddlers(0-5), then it is recommended buying soft play equipment, as it will provide a safer environment. older children are recommended to use the more challenging and fun indoor playground equipment. It is recommended that older children use indoor playground equipment that is more challenging and fun.

Types of Soft Play Equipment 

Customized soft play equipment

If you want your space to be more unique and in your own style, try customized soft play equipment. Indoor soft play equipment offers many customization options so you can design the ideal play area for your needs. From choosing the style, color, and size to selecting certain equipment and accessories, there are many customization possibilities. As well as enhancing the visual appeal of the play area, it can also attract the young and adventurous by creating a unique and welcoming atmosphere.

Soft Play Sets

Look at the soft play sets if you need help setting up your soft play area. With these sets, you can just buy them without having to do any other matching planning. One of the most classic choices is the 17-piece set, as it has many fun and interactive sections.

Toddler Soft Play

In addition to soft play sets, there are also single pieces of soft play equipment for toddlers. Toddler soft play sets are perfect for customers with limited budgets or small spaces. These soft ladders, obstacles, and slides will provide endless fun for children.

Soft Block

Soft blocks are vibrant foam pieces that let kids allow their imaginations to run wild. With these blocks, youngsters can create everything from bridges to castles and tunnels, all while developing their imaginative play in a secure and encouraging setting. The safe soft blocks' cushioned surface lowers the possibility of child injury during play. Kids may play with and create them with ease thanks to the lightweight, flexible material, which encourages creative expression.

Soft Ball Pits

The most popular soft play products include softball pools, which come in square and round shapes as well as other sizes and shapes. It is possible to color-match softball pool coverings and plastic balls to complement the playground's design. Children love jumping into a sea of colorful balls in soft play ball pools, a common element of indoor playgrounds. 

Teaching Series for Kids

Our Teaching Series for Kids is constructed from solid wood and painted with environmentally acceptable paints, PU, PVC, and foam components.  Each Teaching Series has been thoughtfully crafted to provide children with a safe environment in which to explore and learn.  Children may confidently climb, slide, and explore thanks to the sturdy solid wood frames and soft foam padding.

Benefits of Soft Play Equipment for Toddlers

Physical Development

Soft play equipment use is a fantastic approach to support kids' physical growth. These structures help children improve their gross motor abilities by inspiring them to climb, jump, and balance. The cushioned surfaces allow toddlers to play with their physical skills in a safe environment without fear of injury. Kids can develop strength, agility, and coordination while playing on indoor soft play equipment—all of which are important for their general physical health.

Emotional Development

Soft play equipment offers a caring environment for emotional development. Children get stronger and more confident when they conquer the challenges on the playground. Kids may explore and take little risks because of the cushioned surfaces' sense of security. Moreover, the satisfaction that comes from tackling obstacles or achieving small targets in these play areas creates a positive emotional experience, strengthening their feeling of achievement and value.

Benefits of Buying soft play equipment for business owners

Easy to move and install

Compared to fixed indoor playground equipment, soft play equipment is lighter and easier to move and install, you just need to move the equipment directly from one side to the other without the need to use tools to install any structures.

Easy to clean

The inside of an indoor soft play unit consists of simple sponges, wood, and padding, so all you need to do to clean it is to gently wipe down the exterior. Of course, if you purchase soft Ball Pits, you will also need to clean the plastic balls as well as the pit of the ball pool.

Low Cost

Compared to other play equipment, buying soft play equipment is the most cost-effective option.

Increase your play space

If your venue already has other entertainment spaces, and you have extra space, consider buying soft play equipment to expand your covered space, as well as add more money to your budget. This is because this area will become a happy place for toddlers.

Which businesses should consider building a soft playground?

Kindergartens and Daycare, Supermarkets, Schools, Educational Institutions, Playgrounds and Entertainment Centers, Shopping malls, etc.


A range of cushioned structures and interactive elements make up soft play equipment, which is intended to provide kids with an enjoyable and secure place to play. The purpose of these supple, cushioned materials is to encourage kids' mobility, imaginative play, and mental growth. Buying soft play equipment not only promotes children's cognitive, social, and emotional development as well as physical development but also has many advantages for commercial owners. Beyond just being entertaining, it offers children a precious atmosphere in where they may develop, learn, and play in a secure and engaging setting.

Dreamland Playground provides top-notch, easily accessible soft play equipment, as well as free design consulting, in-house component manufacture, customization choices, and shipping services. We are your best choice for buying soft play equipment!

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