How to Install Kids Indoor Playgrounds?

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With restrictions lifting gradually in a lot of countries, there is a huge demand for kids indoor playgrounds. So, are you planning to build kids indoor playgrounds? If so, there are a majority of issues that need to consider to start your business, such as location, kids' indoor playgrounds design, production, shipping, and installation. Among them, installation is always a headache for most customers. Don't worry. This essay of playground installation would make it a cinch. Just keep reading.

Two ways of kids indoor playground installation

Regularly, there are two ways for kids indoor playgrounds installation: installing by our professional installers and installing by customers themselves. If installation by professional workers. Customers need to pay for their salary ($150/day per person), air tickets, visa, hotel, food, transportation, etc. Because of Covid-19, there is a 21-day isolation fee($130/day per person).

If the cost is over customers' budget, don't worry, supplier could share videos and drawings to help install, and before delivery, there is a test installation to make sure every part is all right. Here are some steps for installing a kids’ indoor playground by yourselves.

Preparation for installation.

1. Check the products according to the detailed packing list, and after confirming that all the products are correct (if the list and products are abnormal, please contact the salesman immediately)

2. Unpack all the packages. Check whether the three drawings of renderings, exploded drawings, and floor plans are complete and are familiar with the product names, platform heights, post colors, pipes and other precautions indicated in the floor plans. Check the location size with the product size, install the product reasonably according to the actual size of the site, and leave enough safe distance for play.

Steps for installation

1.Spread the floor mat

About Floor mats, it's always EVA mats, which are soft and non-slip. There are a few grooves on each side of mat. It helps you to piece these mats together strong enough.

floor mat

2.Set up the frame according to the marks on the post and kids indoor playgrounds plan drawing

To Build a frame at the corner first, you need to connect upright posts and clamps(pic 3) and insert the post in the plastic base plate, then insert the horizontal steel pipes into the clamps and use screws to fix them. There should be a 10cm gap left from the corner pipes to the wall. Next, connecting each two upright post with horizontal pipes which has clamps on them, according to the drawings. At last, you could install the frame in order by this way. When installing, it should start from the first floor to the top in order.

playgrounds frame

indoor playgrounds plan drawing

3.Assemble plastic and wooden products and kids indoor playgrounds equipment that can go up and down. For example: 

Plastic holes, plastic chairs

Interlink the parts with holes to the horizontal pipes and fix them with the screws. Then install the similar parts in this same way.

assemble plastic and kids indoor playgrounds equipment


Rainbow ladder

Set up a frame for the rainbow ladder. Carry the ladder to the right place according to the drawing, spread the soft board on the frame and interlock the parts to the clamps, then fix them with screws. Next, connect the semi-circular soft board to the soft board with bolts. Then, lift the support pipes to the right place and tight with screws, so the shape of parts won’t be changed.

rainbow ladder



Carry the components o the open area according to the design and install the related parts one by one. You need to drill holes in some products, brace a bit on the driller with the correct size and drill holes. Fix the bolt to the holes, and cover with washer and nut. Then cover screws with plastic caps.



Chain bridge

Install the chain bridge, You should insert the right screws to the chain first and fix it to the clamp, then fix the other side of the chain in the same way. Put the bridge logs on the chain from two sides of the bridge. And tight the nut and washer on the bottom. The distance between each logs should be the same.

install the chain bridge

4.Pull up the protection net

After fixing all the products except the platform, you should start to fix the protection net. Before you start, please reorganize the string. To fix the net, you should install it on the side next to the wall first. Then spread the net around the outside of frame to the other side. Start to fix the net in the upper corner. Wind the net on the post by string to another corner. Wind the net on the post by string. You should fix the corner with knot, and you can feel it’s hard to pull the net on the end. Once the corner net is fixed, please fix the bottom part of net every 2 meters. In case the net couldn’t be pulled down or it’s not neatly. Once finish the net, you start to install the foam noodle.

pull up the protection net

playgrounds drawing

For the detailed protection net installation drawing, you can check below video for guidance.

5.Cover the steel pipe with foam noodles and zip tie

Cut the foam noodle through the seam with a knife. Be careful not to cut another side or cut your hand. Put the noodle to the post and cut the places that need to be cut. And you should cut the inside foam to fix the pipe perfectly. Tight the noodle with zip and there should be zips on each side of clamps. Don’t make the zip too tight.

cover the steel pipe with foam noodles and zip tie

For the detailed zip tie installation drawing, you can check below video for guidance.

6.Spread the platform inside the kids' indoor playground

Fix the platform by connecting the platform buckle at the bottom and fixing it with self-tapping screws.

spread the platform inside the kids’ indoor playground

7. Clean up the rubbish on the ground, make sure your kids indoor playgrounds are clean and tidy, and keep the photos

Don’t forget to clean the location and make sure there is no dust or rubbish in any corner. After that, remember to take some photos, so you can have the material to do advertisements to attract children to your wonderland.

All the steps of installation are mentioned in the two videos below, you may have a look and know more about the installation in detail.

Dreamland Playground, as a reliable indoor playground equipmentsupplier, could make the installation details as clear as possible. Also, 24h after-sales service is right here for you, any questions about the kids indoor playground installation, just feel free to contact us. Let’s build your unique kids indoor playground together!

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