How to find or pick a location for Ninja Gym?

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From the United States, to Europe, to Asia and the world, this sport is becoming more and more popular. People can keep fit, hone their will and have fun from Ninja Course exercise. No matter you are 7 or 70, just come to join the ninja team, there is no age limits in this sport.

This is also a good opportunity to build a commercial Ninja Gym to make a profit. For many investors, one of the most common questions may be how to choose a suitable location for Ninja Course facilities?

Today, we’re sharing some suggestions according to our experience.

-1. Indoor or outdoor

This more depends on the local weather. Outdoor locations are more feasible in where has more sunny days. On one hand, it’s a problem to open when it rains; on the other hands, the trussing system and obstacles are ok to be exposed in sunshine, but mats won’t last that longer as indoor.

When it rains or snows, maybe an indoor Ninja Gym is a goos place to kill time.

-2. How much space does a ninja gym need?

There is no any standard size for a ninja gym. We’ve supplied equipment for as large as a 2,000 sqm(21,500 sqft)adventure park, also for as small as 100 sqm (1,050 sqft) family-running ninja academy.
The gym size depends on your own market analysis and self-planning. 
If you are living in a town where can’t find any ninja gym, and people are keen on sports or fitness, maybe a 500 square meter area is suitable.

If you want to focus on ninja skills training for children, perhaps a 150-square-meter space is enough.

-3. Ceiling height

Normally the standard height of trussing structure is 11 or 12 feet for kids, 12 or 13 feet for teens and adults. 
Another factor to be considered is what obstacles you are interested in. Most obstacles can be incorporated in such 11~13 feet high structure. But some obstacles like warped wall may require higher clearance, to make sure the obstacles are hard enough for those who want to conquer.

So when you are picking a location, just remember who your target customers are, and what obstacles you interested in.

No matter you’re looking to build a ninja gym for kids or adults, indoor or outdoor, we Dreamland can offer you custom design, good quality and competitive price.

Hope we can support you in the future. 

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