How to Clean and Maintain Your Indoor Trampoline Equipment

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If you own a place where kids can play like a trampoline park or an indoor jungle gym, it's important to take good care of it so it stays in good condition. To attract many loyal fans and make your entertainment center a great place to visit in your area, it's very important that people think highly of your brand. You should take significant measures to ensure the safety of your visitors. It's important to make sure your indoor trampoline equipment lasts a long time and satisfies your customers, so they want to come back to your place of entertainment again.

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How to Maintain Your Indoor Trampoline Equipment

Keeping all customers safe while playing in a trampoline park is the most important thing. To prevent getting hurt or injured, it is important to maintain and check your equipment regularly. So to keep your indoor playground equipment in good condition, plan and schedule your maintenance tasks. Even though it may seem like a lot of work, it's the best way to make sure things work well.

It's easier and faster to fix a small mistake than a big one. Small problems can be fixed quickly, and people can have fun again.

1.Schedule Trampoline Maintenance Tasks

Schedule Trampoline Maintenance Tasks

Make a list of all the indoor trampoline equipment in your park, like slides, trampolines, climbing walls, ninja equipment, games you can play with others, and anything else you can think of.

List the tasks that need to be done every day, month, or year to keep each facility in good condition.

It's smart to keep track of all the maintenance work that needs to be done and who will do it, including yourself, a coworker, or someone you hired to do it.

Your goal is to have a systematic and informed way of checking and fixing things that need repairing or replacing as soon as possible. The documents you preserve are simple to distribute to anyone who might require them. Ensure that you consult a machine expert for a complete inspection once a year.

When you have a log of every cleaning and maintenance record, you can quickly discover the part of the equipment that is replaced and maintained the most often. To quickly fix the issue, look around that part to identify the cause. Because the need for frequent maintenance may mean that some parts of this equipment are not placed properly.

2. What items in the trampoline park need to be checked regularly

Before opening or closing, staff in charge of attractions should check their following current status.

Nets Inspection: To make sure you are safe, you should check the safety net often for any damage, holes, and flexibility. If you find holes in the nets at your stop, it's important to fix them right away.

Check Springs: Always inspect if there are any broken or rusted springs by looking under the structure. We need to change the old springs with new ones quickly. Replace any springs as well that have lost tension.

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Check if the jumping mats are in good condition: Replace or repair any jumping mats that have scuffs or cracks as soon as you can.

Check the padding: Make sure the springs are covered and protected by the padding by checking them. Is the padding on the trampolines put on correctly? Furthermore, check the safety padding for any damage.

The trampoline parts: Look for damage on the trampoline and make sure all the screws on the parts and walls are tight.

Locks Inspection: Check locks and emergency exits daily to ensure a safe departure.

Hidden Items: Lost stuff like clips, keys, and other small items.

3. Sought out Damages of Trampoline

To save money and prevent losing money in the future, make sure to find and fix any damage to your indoor playground equipment quickly.

You should check your indoor playground every day to make sure everything works right. And you need to test everything often to be sure.

Make sure to check every part of your indoor trampoline equipment every month, even the ones that are hard to reach. Be careful and look out for springs that are loose or broken. Carefully check the floors, nets, and ropes of the suspended games for any damage like holes or cracks. 

Check foam parts in specific places to see how strong they are. It is a good idea to clean and dry your air cushions and other inflatable things before you put them away after using them.

4. Train Your Staff

If you're new or don't have much experience, some upkeep jobs might be tough. That's why you should train your staff to get the job done. You should ensure that your indoor trampoline equipment follows strict safety rules and meets current standards or not. And to achieve your goal, you can draw a plan to take care of your things and how to keep track of what needs to be done. So, it is good to get your staff taught to clean and maintain indoor trampoline equipment. 

5. Follow Trampoline Park Security Measures

It is really important that you should make safety your top priority again. If indoor trampoline equipment for businesses doesn't follow safety rules, it can be dangerous for kids and grown-ups who play on it. You should fix your equipment problems as soon as possible. The most crucial action you can take to maintain the functionality of your equipment is this. You need to keep checking whether the product/service is harmful to people using it. If you need to, either close the affected place for a little while or fix it as soon as possible. It is a good idea to take this action even if the customers don't seem to be in danger.

Follow Trampoline Park Security Measures

If you do this thing, you can protect your machines and make sure you don't lose too much money.

How to Clean Indoor Trampoline Equipment

Before and after the cleaning of the trampoline, always remember to clean the trampoline equipment gently. When you clean your trampoline, don't scrape off any parts because it might make the frame get damaged and rusty.

1. Clean The Trampoline and other attractions of your trampoline park

  • Before you put water on your trampoline, check that it's made of galvanized materials as we already mentioned. Because, water is not used to clean springs, ladders, and frames. And If needed, use a soft fabric or sponge to clean the parts by rubbing gently.
  • Sweep and remove debris from equipment surfaces and deep clean trampoline surfaces using appropriate solutions
  • Clean and disinfect high-contact areas, such as handrails and mats
  • Some easily overlooked corners require regular dust removal with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner

When you find some issues on your indoor trampoline equipment that you can't solve on your own, contacting a professional to help is the best option. If you take Dreamland services then we will do the service free of cost; if it is under warranty period. 

Please refer to the warranty service we provide:

Spring is wearing parts. We will send you more for replacement with your order.

Bottom Line

Cleaning your indoor trampoline equipment has many benefits.

It can quickly and easily get rid of dirt and goo that sticks or slides around. This could help avoid accidents and injuries on trampolines.

When a net is clean, air can flow through it easily.

Cleaning your trampoline regularly can stop mold and algae from growing, which can damage it over time. Trampolines without germs keep you safe and stop allergies.

Cleaning the trampoline frequently can help it last longer.

Basically, if you take good care of your trampoline, you won't have to spend as much money fixing or replacing it later on. This means less maintenance and repair costs. Taking the time to clean your trampoline is a good idea.

Why You Should Choose Dreamland Playground

Trampolines need to be taken care of regularly because they are always bouncing. And having knowledge about trampoline care and regular upkeep is essential. Choosing Dreamland for your trampoline cleaning and maintenance will best option.  We can help you by doing a maintenance task that you need. We have been creating soft play spaces for more than 20 years and have gotten pretty adept at it. Thus, it makes sense for us to employ our abilities to create trampolines. Right now, we are very sure that we can make and take care of trampoline centers really well.

Dreamland offers trampolines that are not only safe and robust but also long-lasting and low-maintenance, ensuring hassle-free ownership and a fun-filled experience. We utilize top-quality materials to produce our premium trampolines, which boast exceptional performance. Our trampolines are designed to match your preferences in terms of size and shape. Invest in a long-lasting and enjoyable opportunity that promotes laughter, fitness, and amusement by rebounding your way toward success. Explore our range of trampolines and find the ideal one that suits you today.

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