How Do I Start Ninja Warrior Gym Business?

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The concept of ninja warrior gyms has gained traction all over the world as a direct result of the success of television shows about ninja warriors. Athletes can maintain their physical fitness pleasantly and efficiently by including body weight and balance challenges into their workout program.

In addition, many who are knowledgeable in the field of fitness recommend doing a variety of different exercises and cross-training because it helps to train muscles and can reduce the chance of injury. Ninja warrior gyms offer a wide variety of different exercises to their members, which results in a workout experience that is both fun and thrilling.

If you have looked for an establishment that offers a service like this in your region and has not been successful, it might be time to think about starting your ninja warrior gym. You can give a key fitness service to athletes in your local area by taking advantage of the growing popularity of a business that has already been established and is worth multiple billions of dollars.

Looking to start ninja warrior gym business? We design this post for you to give a brief overview of all cost factors including in ninja warrior gym business. Just engage with us throughout the post and approach our team by writing your confusion & queries.

Steps You Should Follow To Start Ninja Warrior Gym Business 

Simply registering a business with the state is not the only step required to launch a new ninja warrior gym business. This beginner's guide on setting up a Ninja Warrior gym is compiled by us for your convenience. Following these procedures will guarantee that your new business is well sketched out, registered appropriately, and complies with all applicable legal requirements. Let's explore some successful steps for a successful ninja warrior gym business.

Plan Your Business 

Developing a business plan for a ninja warrior gym can, in some respects, be compared to the launch of other types of businesses. When it comes to developing your business plan, managing your finances, and organizing your resources, obviously having strong business skills is necessary.

Even if this is not your background, the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) provides a wide variety of online courses that can assist you in getting ready to launch your own business. These classes cover a wide range of topics, from pricing and determining who your customers are to how to prevent crime and provide superior customer service. You or a business partner must handle licensing, tax information, and other financial planning in addition to the basic instruction that you acquired.

Creating a unique structure for your company is also an important step in running a business. Even though this may at first appear to be a simple matter, the structure of your business—whether it be a partnership, a limited liability company (LLC), a corporation, or a cooperative—will determine the types of taxes that you will be required to pay as well as several other essential legal aspects.

Overview Of Cost Analysis & Ongoing Expenses Of Ninja Warrior Gym Business 

Experts in the field believe that the cost will range from 50,000 to 250,000 dollars, and it will depend on the size and complexity of the facility.

So, the largest portion of your monthly budget will go for the rental of your premises and the utilities needed to either heat or cool the building. Location and square footage have a significant role in determining prices, which can range widely. The following are examples of additional costs, each of which could range from $3,000 to $10,000 per month:

Costs associated with the Ninja Warrior Gym Business:

  • Insurance plus Leasing cost: To calculate the necessary amount of insurance, you should confer with a lawyer and/or an insurance agent. Further, Leasing or acquiring a building that is large enough to justify your obstacles in a comfort ninja warrior gym. Owners report leasing an area between 11,000 and 30,000 square feet is enough for their facilities
  • Labor and materials: The labor and materials required to construct each obstacle can add up to a total cost of over $600 for each obstacle. Some retailers sell starter packs, and the cost of these can range anywhere from $5,750 to $8,500.
  • Marketing cost: The marketing cost depends on your budget range, if you want city level marketing it will cost at a suitable price but if you want national level marketing, it will cost you a bit high. Moreover, official blueprints for ninja obstacles are also available to buy online. These blueprints include schematics, a lumber shopping list, a cut list, and instructions for constructing the obstacles. Prices range from ten dollars to fifty-five dollars.
  • Hosting events plus travel expenses: Hosting events will no doubt increase your publicity but as we know it takes our cost to compensate for this. So, the price can be different from other expenses.
  • Payroll expenses: The cost of paying employees' salaries and wages in return for the services they provide to a company is known as payroll costs. 
  • Equipment cost: Mats and other pieces of equipment can be purchased for $150-US$350 per square meter. To decide how many mats are required, you should first look at the square footage of your facility.

Which Is Your Target Market?

Although it is reasonable to suppose that the majority of your clientele will be fully committed to their exercise routines, the reality is that this is not the situation at all. A significant portion of ninja gym owners claims that the majority of their income is made up of revenue produced by lessons, events, and camps geared toward younger children. Children can participate in the show in an environment that is both fun and secure, allowing them to burn off some steam while also improving their physical fitness.

Individuals that are interested in increasing their strength in a setting with more of a social atmosphere will make up your second-largest client base. The athletic backgrounds of the guys typically include climbing or parkour, whilst the athletic backgrounds of the girls mostly include dance or gymnastics. The usual, traditional gym workouts do are served as a nice contrast to the unconventional obstacle course arrangement.

You may also expect to maintain a steady number of customers who are devoted followers of the show. The competitors in this group are committed to their ninja warrior training. Their major objective is to secure a spot on the show and emerge victorious in the contest.

How To Take Legal Advice In Your Ninja Warrior Gym Business?

Any small company will need capable legal advice to address everything from ownership to licenses. Contracts of every kind are included in this. In addition to this, you will need to consult an attorney with matters about insurance, liability, phrasing, and any other aspect that might be relevant to the athletes' well-being. The input of advisors is likely to play a significant role in the development of any viable business strategy for a ninja warrior gym.

Establish Your Business Account & Personal Account as A Separate Entity

It is vital to use separate banking and credit accounts for one's business to secure its assets.

When your personal and corporate finances are combined in this way, you put your assets (such as your home, your car, and other valuables) in jeopardy if your company is sued. In the eyes of commercial law, we call this action  "piercing your corporate veil."

  • Provides the essential separation between your assets and the assets of your firm, which is required for the protection of your assets.
  • Facilitates bookkeeping and the filing of tax returns.

Further, establishing and building business credit, as well as improving cash flow, are all goals that can be accomplished through the usage of the net of 30 accounts. Businesses that have a net 30 account can make purchases and then pay off the entire sum within a term of 30 days. 

Get Essential Licence & Permits

If you fail to obtain the proper permits and licenses for your ninja warrior gym business, you run the risk of incurring substantial fines or perhaps having your operation shut down entirely. These are some terms you should keep in mind before launching a ninja warrior gym business.

  • Includes Certificate of Occupancy
  • Plus Liability Waivers
  • State & Local Business Licensing Requirements 

Choose Appropriate Equipment 

One of the most essential investments you'll make for your fitness center is going to be in purchasing equipment. When deciding what challenges to set up for your ninja warriors, you should take your market research and your long-term goals for your ninja warrior gym into consideration.

The layout of any ninja warrior gym must prioritize the creation of options and opportunities for growth. The proprietors of traditional gyms typically stock their facilities with a wide array of machines that feature speeds and weights that can be altered to meet a variety of fitness needs. You'll also need to make sure that your warriors have access to a steady stream of new tests to compete in.

The provision of beginner, intermediate, and advanced running tracks across the entirety of the gym is one of the most effective strategies for addressing this issue. As your ninja warriors go through your challenges and become stronger and more physically fit, you will be able to challenge them with increasingly tough challenges.

The installation of a series of belayed high ropes challenges, or even options that do not call for the use of a harness, is another factor to take into consideration while shopping for equipment. These exciting challenges, such as climbing walls and rope nets, can be adapted to fit the needs of ninja warriors of any age or degree of expertise, thanks to the flexibility of the design process. Some famous elements of ninja warrior course regarding television shows such as the spider climb, salmon ladder, plus hang climb need them to execute the task.

How Much Money Ninja Warrior Gym Business Can Produce?

Every member of the public that visits your fitness center to attend a class or make use of the facilities will result in increased income for your establishment. Profitable ninja warrior gyms typically claim annual revenue in the range of $200,000 and $500,000. Fees also play an important role in determining the profit like…

  • One day/session pass — $15
  • The fee of $50 will ensure your access to all five sessions respectively.
  • Pass valid for one month with a signed annual commitment costs $30 per month.
  • A monthly pass that does not include a signed annual contract costs $40.  

How You Can Boost the Profit Of Ninja Warrior Gym?

There are a few tricks & tips you should track to increase your ninja warrior gym business' profit.

Host Particular Children Events

Hosting events for children is an old but still golden strategy to promote your new fitness center to all your potential customers. Create your own neighborhood Ninja Warrior Gym competition to spread awareness about the workouts and to encourage people to give them a try.

The organization of day camps for children and adolescents is yet another kind of event that has the potential to generate enthusiasm or client traffic. This is a particularly popular concept during the summer months when children are free from school and have the opportunity to devote a whole week to mastering the routines.

Launch Different Types Of Classes 

One of the most significant advantages is that you will have a wonderful launching pad from which to recruit inexperienced athletes who are interested in making use of the gym but find the concept intimidating. Even for more conventional exercise establishments, overcoming the intimidating atmosphere of a gym is a difficult challenge. Customers who want to begin working out but are unsure how to design a productive routine may find that participating in introductory programs provides a much-needed sense of comfort.

In addition, classes are an excellent tool for outlining specific challenges for your ninja warriors to complete. Having a fitness professional or experienced participant set up novel hurdles is something that a lot of clients appreciate. While some clients may be happy with a simple daily workout, others will relish the opportunity to try something new.

Invite School Trips 

Hearing their children return home thrilled about a fitness opportunity is a fantastic approach to attract both youngsters and adults. This is a great technique to draw in both kids and adults because parents are always seeking fresh and tricky ways to get their kids active. A fantastic continuation of this concept would be to provide an after-school program for the elementary and middle schools in the surrounding area.

It's a win-win situation for the parents and the children, and it's also a fantastic chance to form a connection with the children, many of whom will grow up to be loyal clients in their own right.

Offer Hygienic Food & Drinks

After completing their workout, athletes will appreciate having a place to unwind and refuel with a healthy snack, which is another strategy for fostering an amazing social environment in a fitness facility. Your customers will be encouraged to stay by the presence of a juice bar or concession area, which will in turn promote positive dialogues and interactions between members.

Even if you do not make a significant amount of money directly from the sale of food, you will still be able to transform your ninja warrior gym into something more than just a collection of climbing walls and balance challenges. Be sure to investigate the licensing and health regulations necessary to include this choice in your strategy before moving further.

Ensure Ninja Warrior Gym Covering All Ages

Last but not least, it is essential, to provide a facility that is appealing to the entire family, including places that are suited for different age ranges. This enables a family with teenagers and young children to bring both members of their group to the fitness center, where the children can enjoy their indoor playground or a ninja warrior "themed" play area that is geared toward their age range. Taking it one step further, you could also provide a ropes course or an adventure course that not only serves to make your venue even more interesting but also provides a novel take on the conventional ninja warrior equipment.

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It is crucial to get a concept of what kinds of challenges would be available for your ninja warrior gym business as well as how much money they would cost before beginning the market research and cost analysis phases of your project. You would then be in a position to initiate the process of drafting your ninja warrior gym business plan, which would include the incorporation of price questions into your market research as well as other aspects of the plan.

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